The Psychology Of Fitness

Mindsets, Body Types and Everything In Between

Realistic Expectations and Exercise

Quick note:  This is a longer post.  I was going to break it down into two posts, but felt that it was better as one. 

Without being a “Debbie Downer,” within health and fitness we’ve all been duped by rapid body transformation.  I’ve been working at the same corporate gym for the past 4 and a half years and EVERY single amazing body transformation that has occurred, has been attained through consistent… Continue reading

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The Most Important Belief

If someone were to ask you what you think can make or break a person’s success, there might be tens of hundreds of answers you might give.  You could respond with reasons ranging from they had a good family to their dogged persisted in the face of adversity.  You could say they were action-oriented or they were in the right place at the right time.  Others might say  they had a good education, good… Continue reading

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Beliefs 1

Ever since I graduated college (about 6 years now), I decided that who I was, wasn’t who I wanted to be and instead of covering up those aspects of my personality that I don’t like, I decided that I was going to start over, start anew.  I decided I was going to “Raise myself” all over.  This time though, I was going to create a personality that was true to who… Continue reading

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Standards 101

Everything in life comes down to standards.  What are the standards you have for relationships?  Will you settle down with someone whose company you enjoy, who you’ve just happened to hook up with because that’s how the relationship was presented to you (but know that in the long-term you’re better off as friends), who has earned your respect, but doesn’t ignite that passion inside of you?  Or do you wait for
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The Crucial Step in any Successful Change

Over the past 7 weeks, I have been running a 90 Day program at work.  The concept of the program was easy.  Individuals come up with their fitness goals, in particular with a strong, motivating why and they come up with their own diet plan, using guidelines we provide, for a  M-F schedule and a  Sat & Sun schedule.  I create the Exercise Programs for them. 
What I’ve always found interesting is that many people will… Continue reading

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Rule #1: Stop Being So Logical, pt. 2

In part 1, I quickly discussed how Cognitive Dissonance, Learned Helplessness, grit and resiliency all of make sense.  They do and the concepts are pretty damn smart.  The problem is, we are all liars, emotional and at times pretty friggin’ stupid.  Motivation wanes, those doughnuts look and smeLLLLLLL Delicious.  Peanut Butteeeer Cuppppssss…YUM!  Excuses abound starting with, “My favorite show is on,” and ending with, “F’ you, I’m not going… Continue reading

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Rule #1: Stop Being So Logical, pt 1

When I first conceived of this blog, I started with the desire to present psychological studies and motivational stories of individuals that have overcome the odds to physical fitness.  The problem with that is that it doesn’t say anything about how YOU should actually integrate a workout schedule and habit into your everyday life.  I know with the things I was originally learning, my propensity to exercise didn’t increase.  My… Continue reading

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