The Psychology Of Fitness

Mindsets, Body Types and Everything In Between

You Must Own It – pt. 5

In my 2nd post in this series, I listed my “9 Steps to Ownership.”  I believe within those 9 Steps contain both the logical, emotional and “chaotic” view of behavior change and desire for mastery over your body.

I’ll quickly give a quick description over those 9 Steps.

The first step is some sort of external motivation.  I would say in most changes, including those of a planned and logical… Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Don’t ever settle for the ‘answer.’  Always hold your answers as working hypotheses, subject to constant checking and actual revisions when necessary. Live out of questions and observe what emerges. I promise you will be more successful than if you operate out of answers derived from what worked for you yesterday or what worked for someone else.”

~ Morty Lefkoe from one of his recent posts

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You Must Own It – pt. 4

“Rules and The 3 Reasons Why We Stick By Them”
It’s not knowing what to do or how to do it that’s the problem.
Instead, it’s the rules that we make up that’s the problem.

Those rules ultimately determine how we view something and whether or not we will continue to do that said “thing”.  Some people call these “rules” or guidelines, beliefs.  For example, say you have 45 minutes to work out.  At… Continue reading

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You Must Own It – pt. 3

Exercise is a funny thing.

People know that one of the best ways to lose weight is to exercise and eat better.  Yet these two things are what most people spend a considerable amount of time actively avoiding. This is despite being the two aspects that would actually help them have the bodies they desire.  The question I’ve always had is why?

When I first started working in the fitness field, I… Continue reading

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You Must Own It – pt. 2

Where does Action and Motivation come from?

In talking about exercise, motivation and psychology people often talk about intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation as though there won’t be or can’t be any overlap.

What you typically see in companies and in programs designed to help people become “healthier” is that they try to make external rewards (extrinsic motivation) become developed into an internal drive (intrinsic motivation).  Needless to say, many of these programs… Continue reading

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You Must Own IT – pt 1

“A diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to the job.” – Michael Larsen

Theme of the week:  You Must Own IT.

What is itIt is anything that you want, from financial freedom to the body you desire.

What does “Owning” it mean?  It means the responsibility lies in your hands.  The responsibility is yours and no one else’s.

It moves beyond excuses.  It moves beyond your “feelings” and certainly moves past… Continue reading

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Simple to Complex

Simple to Complex

I was reading an article the other day in which Jim Wendler stated that in order to achieve success, programs go from Simple to Complex.

For a long time, I held the opposite view.  Things should not get more difficult as you progress, but should become easier.  After reading his examples though, I realized that he was completely right.  You see with experience things that were once “complex” for you

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Focus On What You Like

“Seek that which you wish to be.” 

Ever since I started working at my current company, we’ve had to focus on our Strengths, based upon Strength Finders by Tom Rath and Marcus Buckingham.  This was an interesting concept when I was first introduced to it.  Ever since I was introduced to it, I’ve heard it expounded through a bunch of articles and books that I have read.  The latest round of this concept was from a book I… Continue reading

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Two Main Desires

The other day I was reading an article with an interview from a pretty well known trainer (John Romaniello) and he said something that really resonated with me.  He said, we mainly do things, especially in the realm of fitness for two main reasons, Sex or Self-Actualization.  Now, obviously these may not be the thoughts that you have in your head when you walk into the gym for the first time and decide… Continue reading

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