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Quote of the Day ~ 8/18/10

“My doubting the behaviorists’ dogma only added to my resolve that the questions so many people ask – namely, ‘How do I motivate people to learn? to work? to do their chores? or to take their medicine?’ – are the wrong questions.  They are wrong because they imply that motivation is something that gets done to people rather than something that people do.” 

~ Edward L. Deci in his book on… Continue reading

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You Must Own It – pt 7A

What is the biggest problem with starting a new habit? 

I would say very simply, it’s that “You don’t feel like it.” 

How many people when stopping smoking, trying to save money for the first time, stopping drinking or starting an exercise routine re-start their old habits exactly because they are “not natural” for them yet? 

You have the smoker who REALLY wants a cigarette.  

Or you have the person who wants only one more dress (or in… Continue reading

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You Must Own It – pt. 6

In my previous post, I briefly described the “9 Steps to Ownership.”  In this post, I will be discussing in further detail the first Step.

Step 1 is described as an external source of motivation.  This is something outside of yourself that spurred on an action that you wouldn’t normally take on.  For example, say you were walking/driving by your local gym and saw an extremely low price and because of… Continue reading

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Quote of the Day 8/4/10

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved.”

~Helen Keller in a Figure Athlete article with the mindset of those who have “Owned It“… Continue reading

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