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You Must Own It – pt 8B

This whole series of posts started after I re-read Geoff Colvin’s Talent is Overrated book.  In it, he describes how great performance is almost ALWAYS earned, and not bestowed upon a rarefied few.  How deliberate and planned practice, day after day, year after year is what separates those that reach the upper echelons of any field versus those that simply attribute that earned greatness for “Talent,” and therefore discredit the amount… Continue reading

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You Must Own It – pt. 8A

Step 3 in “Owning It” ~ Adapting the Growth Mindset with fitness (if not overall), may be the most important step in this whole process of “Owning It”. 

In my exploration into beliefs and how they effect people’s actions and lives, I’ve noticed that there are three levels of beliefs.  In a sense, you can compare these levels to a tree. 

The most fundamental of these beliefs are like the roots.  These… Continue reading

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You Must Own It – pt 7B

So what’s the best way to change? 

The best way to change individually is to ignore your feelings and do the work until it becomes “naturally” a part of who you are.   This is obviously easier said than done, but there is a way to make the transition go more smoothly. 

An easier way to have the change go smoothly, is by having other people around that will hold you accountable to your

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