The Psychology Of Fitness

Mindsets, Body Types and Everything In Between

Ever Complain that You Need to Lose Weight, But Don’t Workout? Here’s Why, pt 1.

Are you overweight or obese and say you want to workout, but don’t?  Or if you’re not, have you ever met someone who has, who continues to eat lots of unhealthy foods?  Ever wonder why you don’t work out or eat healthier?   This post will discuss the 7 factors that interplay with each other that cause people to remain their individual “status quo.” 

Last year I read a study that… Continue reading

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Quick Tip #7 ~ Make Life Easier for Yourself

In my last Quick Tip ~ Inundated with Information?  I said that I’ll give you some methods that will help you in not becoming overwhelmed with the amount of information and to make a more solid decision.  Here’s 3 tips and 3 book recommendations to get you started on your path.

1 – Set rules and limitations – More importantly, follow them. If you’re going to try a workout program, give… Continue reading

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Quick Tip #5 ~ What’s Your Story?

Yesterday, I wrote about the, “Yes, buts…” we all use as excuses for avoiding Personal Responsibility for our lives.  We deaden our desires with excuses starting with, “Yes, but…”

What I didn’t say is that the “but” part is where our beliefs begin.  And what is a belief?  A belief is a story we tell ourselves that we think is true.  The “buts,” the beliefs, are nothing but the stories we… Continue reading

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Quick Tip #4 ~ Do You Act Like an Adult?

Do you know what separates a child from an adult, no matter the age?  It’s not whether you’re “mature” and have lost your sense of humor.  It’s not that you have a J-O-B.  It’s not after you hit 30 or 40.  It’s not after you get married or even have a child.

The only thing that truly separates a teenager from an adult is Personal Responsibility.  Some people are adults in their… Continue reading

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Best Methods for Fat Loss – Supplements

I could probably think of 20 different supplements that are good for fat loss.  The problem is that, the supplements that I will be recommending are the “basics.”  This is where most people should start and anything beyond these supplements should be for a targeted and specific purpose for the individual.

*Quick note:  Any recommendations are for informational purposes only and as always you should check with your doctor before adding… Continue reading

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Quick Tip #3 ~ Workout Everyday?

Quick Tip # 3 ~ Workout Everyday

One of the biggest problems for many people starting a workout routine is the act of actually getting to the gym. 
My recommendation:  Workout Everyday. 

There’s a lot of people out there that say that you shouldn’t workout every day.  I don’t agree with that ascertation for a number of reasons – but that’s another post.

The bottom line is that for better than average results, you have… Continue reading

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