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What to do if you have “Fat Thighs?”

What to do if you have “Fat Thighs?”

“Thunder Thighs”

“The Chub Rub”

“My thighs rub together so much, I can spark a fire”

These are all comments I’ve got this week, from women talking about their thighs.  Almost every single woman I’ve ever worked with doesn’t like some aspect about her thighs.

The reason for this is that most women have more fat receptors in their thighs than anywhere else in their body. … Continue reading

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Tues Psych Post ~Sticking to a Diet: Do You Lack Self-Control?

Over the past 10-15 years the research on “Self-control” (also known as willpower, self-discipline) has really started to increase.

What the research has shown, or better yet, what the research is showing, is that self-control acts like a muscle.  What this means is that, like a muscle, self-control can get tired (like it does when you work out) and if your reserves of self-control get used up, it makes it harder… Continue reading

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Monday Workout ~ 4/18/11

Today’s workout is a quick Total Body routine that I put together for the 30 minutes I had on Friday night before the gym closed.  Enjoy!

30-Minute Total Body Fat-Burning Workout

Single-Armed Clean and Press – 8 Reps on each
Single-Armed Dumbbell Row – 12 Reps on each
Barbell Chest Press – 8 Reps
Chin-ups – 8-12 Reps
Single-legged Deadlifts – 10 Reps on each
Farmer’s Walk with Waiter’s Walk – 60 feet

Take no rest between exercises… Continue reading

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Cognitive Dissonance (pt 3C)

Yesterday I wrote about the first of 4 things that you can do to start to avoid the pitfalls of cognitive dissonance.  Today I list the other three things: 

2 – Even if you missed the opportunity to exercise your choice in the moment, allow time to see the situation from an objective standpoint, afterwards. 
One of the best things that ever happened to… Continue reading

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Cognitive Dissonance (pt 3B)

So how does one move beyond Cognitive Dissonance? 

That question is like asking, how would you get past using oxygen?  The thing is, you don’t move beyond Cognitive Dissonance.  You simply become aware of the situations where you’re using the theory as an excuse. 

With that said, and all I’ve wrote thus far about Cognitive Dissonance, it would seem that we are trapped to live lives where we sufficiently lie to ourselves… Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance and Exercise (pt 3A)

In a post a about 6 months ago, I wrote about how there are some people in my workplace who give me a scorned look if I ask them if they want more information about the fitness center.  They literally look like I kidnapped their child after I ask them.  I can see how this group uses cognitive dissonance to push me… Continue reading

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