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Metabolism – 8 Ways to Optimize Your Metabolism

Metabolism – 8 Ways to Optimize Your Metabolism

Metabolism is one of those topics you hear on the news where they give advice to “boost your metabolism” that goes like this:

1 – Exercise (Yes, this one works)
2 – Drink cold water (The cold aspect is what they’re emphasizing but won’t do much in “boosting your metabolism”, but can activate BAT fat, but generally might burn an extra 10 calories)
3 – Eat spicy foods (Again, won’t really do much)
4 – Eat Celery (A myth that it’s a “negative” calorie food, but it is extremely low in calories, but in no way will it “boost” your metabolism)

With that said, I gave a workshop on Metabolism yesterday that got much more in depth than those 4 tips.  So in depth in fact, it turned out to be my toughest presentation – not because the material was hard – but because I wanted to throw everything into it.  The original presentation was slated for 30 minutes and ran into 45 minutes with me rushing through half of the material.  I guess it happens when you try to cover everything from Leptin, Insulin and Thyroid hormones to the best way to lose weight, depending on whether or not you’re obese.

Fast Metabolism
Click to get the Metabolism Presentation PDF

Attached is the Metabolism Presentation.  Either click on the picture above or on this link.


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