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Top 10 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions #10 ~ Make it a Journey

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions #10 ~ Make it a Journey

Know The Journey Won’t be Easy

This may not be the most uplifting thing to end on, but by acknowledging that you will make mistakes,
that you will falter on your diet, that you are not perfect and that you will give into temptation, you give
yourself a priceless quality – self-compassion and the ability to forgive yourself.

Acknowledge that the road to success is often a bumpy one. You will make mistakes and as such,
should learn to keep going, despite those mistakes.

You may not “like” your diet, but you can and if you choose to, will stick to it.  You may not “like”
working out, but you will stick to your word of going to the gym to workout 5 days per week.

Why should you acknowledge that the road to success won’t come easily?  Mainly because research
continually shows, across a large number of domains, the more you expect to succeed, yet at the same
time think success won’t come easy, the more you will succeed.  If on the other hand, you believe that
you will resist temptation and make the changes relatively easily, you are more apt to fail.  You put
down your guard and fall into old habits.

So you should believe that you can succeed – but also recognize that it won’t necessarily be easy.

1.  Expect to be successful with your resolution.   

Believe that you can achieve the goals that you set out for yourself.
Do you believe you can achieve the goals that you set out for yourself?
Yes or No: _______________________
If not, why not? (Step 2 will help with this)  _____________

2.  Don’t expect that your road to success will be easy.  

Expect that overcoming temptations will be hard, that there will be unexpected obstacles that come up,
and you might have to expend more effort than you had originally planned for.
Do you acknowledge that sometimes the road to the outcomes you want will be tough?
Yes or no:  ______________________
If not, why not? (Step 6 will help with this) _______________

3. Go back to step 1 and write down your “Why” (the desire part)  

Read it every time you need to resist temptation or you’ve actually given into temptation.

What’s your main reason for the goal? ___________________________________________________

4. Figure out what you can change the next time you give into temptation.   

Will you make a slight shift in your environment? Will you hold yourself to higher standards or get
someone else to help you along your path (like a personal trainer)? Any step can work towards
progressing you along your path!  Look at Step 9 for this.

The bottom line is that you can succeed if you put your mind to it – just don’t think that it’s going to be
an easy journey.

Here’s a closing quote from Heidi Grant Halvorson’s Succeed book:

“No matter who they are and what they are trying to do, we find that successful people not only have confidence that they will eventually succeed, but are equally confident that they will have a tough time getting there.”

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