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Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Resolutions in 2012 #9 – Get Feedback

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Resolutions in 2012 #9 – Get Feedback

If you did the work from step 6 (never stop improving), you realize that in the end, you may have a
specific goal, but it really should never be over.

These habits are lifestyle changes, not destinations or specific actions to do once and be forgotten.

If something isn’t working, then you will need to either change your behavior, time frame or strategy
overall.  Therefore, after you’ve figured out they whys of your goals, how you plan on overcoming
obstacles, picked a specific goal, along with everything else discussed so far, you will also pick how
and when you will choose your feedback.

This is important because although one strategy might work for someone else, you don’t know if it will
work for you.  As such, you will monitor both your behaviors and results.

Your to do: Figure out how you will monitor your progress.

How will you monitor whether or not you’re keeping up with your behaviors and whether or not those
behaviors are working?

With these 5 simple steps:
1 – Monitor your behavioral goals daily.  This means, either on your phone or with a simple piece of paper, monitor whether you get to the gym daily.  If there’s not 5 checked off marks indicating that you didn’t get to the gym 5 days of the week, then you know you have to work on your behavioral strategy.  You would also write down every serving of fruit or vegetable you ate for the day.

How will you monitor your behaviors?  _________________________________________________

2 – Figure out a time-frame for re-measurement and determine what “indicator” you will use.
How will you determine whether or not your behaviors are giving you the outcomes you desire?

If you’re trying to lose weight, then are you actually losing weight?  You can only tell by stepping on the
scale and weighing yourself – at least once every two weeks should work.  If you haven’t made
progress in two-weeks, give yourself another two weeks to see if it was a fluke.  If after your second
two-week weigh-in no progress has been made, then it may be time to change your strategy.  This is
only the case though if you’ve been sticking to your behavioral goals.

How often will you re-measure the outcomes of your new behaviors?  ___________________

What will you use to determine whether or not you’re seeing progress? (examples include body fat
testing, the scale, pictures, how your clothes fit, etc.) _____________________________________

3 – If you haven’t been sticking to the behavioral aspects, identify the causes of not sticking to your behaviors has been.
What, if anything, has caused you to slip from following the behaviors you set out to stick to?


4 – Either make adjustments to your plan or simply re-commit to the plan you already have.
What, if any, adjustments will you make to your plans or do you simply need to re-commit to the ones
you’ve made?

5 – Repeat.  Remember, there is NO FAILING – just strategies that aren’t working for you in your
current situation.  The more mistakes you make and learn from, the more likely you will see your
resolution through to completion and have it stay as a lifestyle habit.

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