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Tuesday Psych Post ~ Train! Don’t “Workout”

Tuesday Psych Post ~ Train! Don’t “Workout”

Many of the articles on this blog are about “working out.”  There are tips which will help someone that has never gone to the gym slowly integrate their habits so they go to the gym.  Most of these techniques talk about working out.  There are though, a few articles, in which I talk about “Training.” To me, the difference between those that simply go to the gym and “workout” versus those that go and Train is vast.

How is this difference shown in the gym?

1 – The person that trains has a goal in mind.  It may be to lift a certain amount of weight, get to a certain number of reps, or achieve a certain goal in the gym.  They are continually striving to be better.  The person that “works out” is simply going through the motions, making working out a chore.  Something to be sloughed through and not something to be achieved.

2 – The person that trains is focused.  They’re not there to talk to their buddies or make friends.  They’re there to kick some ass.  Mainly the weight’s ass, but you get the point.

3 – The person that trains does so with some damn intensity and purpose.  Depending on their goal, when the person training leaves the gym, they feel “beat up” but satisfied.  They might be trembling from working so hard, but they feel damn good.

4 – The person that trains leaves excuses behind.  They’re not going to be distracted by utter non-sense to “skip workouts.”  They’ll be at the gym because they have to train. Period.

5 – The person training is learning about themselves.  They’re learning what they’re made of.  They’re learning what they have to improve upon.  They’re learning to push past their comfort zone.  They’re learning that sometimes pain is temporary but the satisfaction from achievement can never be taken away from you.

6 – The person that trains sees improvements from his or her workouts.  The person that “works out” looks the same, lifts the same, year after year.

7 – The person that trains sticks out in most commercial gyms.  They do things that others either don’t know how to do or simply won’t do because it’s “too hard.”

8 – The person that trains relishes in being a little different than the ‘norm.‘  The norm is fine for some, but not for the person that trains.

9 – The person that trains is in it for the long-haul.  Sure, the person that trains wants to hit his or her goals as quickly as possible and is pissed off when they don’t hit their goals by a certain date, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop going to the gym.  The person that “works out” either has mediocre goals or stops going altogether when they don’t hit their goals as quickly as they wanted to.

10 – The person that trains is continually learning.  The person that works out does so based on knowledge that they learned from their high school gym teacher.

The bottom line is that at the end of the day, if you’re not currently working out, start.  And if you’ve been “working out” for years on end, stop and Start Training with a Purpose!

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