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Quick Tip #23 ~ Move Past the “No Time” Excuse

Quick Tip #23 ~ Move Past the “No Time” Excuse

Have you ever said you don’t have “enough time” to workout, because you “only” had 25 minutes to workout? I’m pretty sure you have, as we all have. The bottom line is it’s a nonsense excuse. In 11 minutes (of which two were spent foam-rolling and 1 minute “warming up”) I can easily give you one of the hardest workouts you’ve ever had. So any “excuse” of not enough time is just that – an excuse.

In other words, accept that you think you “don’t have enough time” and then figure out ways to convince yourself that that’s not the case. Here’s three main ways you can do this:

1 – Start Small – Tell yourself, “I don’t care how much time there is. My main goal is to get to the gym everyday, even if it’s for 5 minutes.” By keeping that commitment, you start to learn better strategies to get in quicker and more effective workouts for those days when you can’t do a “full” workout.

2 – Seek Assistance – This means you actually ask me for a quick workout or complete a couple of rounds of the Best Non-Cardio “Cardio” Exercises. This way you can complete a “grueling” but short workout in order to see that it’s a fallacy that you “don’t have enough time” when you have “only” 10 – 25 minutes to workout.

3 – Recognize Your True Limiting Beliefs – Recognize that more than likely you’ll feel weird going to the gym for only 15 – 20 minutes and that’s the reason you don’t go. It’s not that you can’t get in a good workout. You just believe that it’s “weird” to go for such a short amount of time and therefore avoid feeling “weird” altogether. Break free from that belief and you’ll quickly make it a lot easier to implement the previous two strategies.

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