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The 4 Best Non-Cardio “Cardio” Exercises

The 4 Best Non-Cardio “Cardio” Exercises

Last Monday I listed my four favorite Non-Cardio “Cardio” movements and explained why I like them.  Here’s the video with those 4 movements. 

Exercise #1 – Step-up with Shoulder Press followed with a Reverse Lunge (Video time between 0:00 – 2:25) ~ Complete 10 reps on each leg. 

To make this exercise more difficult you would step up onto a bench or have a lot more risers under that step.  It was impossible to film it that way as the ceiling is too low where I was filming.  10 Reps on each side. 

Exercise #2 – Kettlebell Swing (Video time between 2:27 – 4:00) ~ Complete a minimum of 20 reps

Exercise #3 – Kettlebell Clean with Front Squat (Video time between 4:03 – 5:45) ~ Complete 10 reps

Exercise #4 – Kettlebell Piston Rows (Video time between 5:48 – 7:27) ~ Complete As Many Reps as Possible while maintaining good form. 

You can do these exercises in a Circuit Style, meaning one right after the other. 

Instead of combining all four, what I like to do is break up the first two and second two exercises on separate days. 

A sample program would consist of these after a main movement. 

For example:
Day 1 – Combine the first movement (Step up/Shoulder Press/Reverse Lunge) and second movement  (KB Swings) for a circuit, completing 3 rounds with 60 seconds rest in between rounds. 

Day 2 – Combine the third exercise (KB Clean and Front Squat) and fourth exercise (KB Piston Rows) for a circuit, completing 3 rounds with 60 seconds rest in between rounds. 

These won’t be the only exercises you do that day, but they can be used either right after a main movement (think Deadlifts or Squats) or for a finisher for the day. 

If you have any questions about any of the exercises, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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    1. If you would only stop looking in the mirror when doing these workouts, you might not want to hurl as much…Actually, on second thought, you might.

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