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Tuesday Psych Post ~ Be a Little Different than the “Norm”

Tuesday Psych Post ~ Be a Little Different than the “Norm”

The following link will take you to my article on titled, Be a Little Different than the Norm.

A Little Different Can Be a Good Thing

Too often, I hear people saying that working out is so “hard,” and dieting is so “hard.”  For me, what’s the alternative?  Low energy, feeling like crap, being sick, having health issues ranging from cardiovascular disease to increased risk of cancer to simple insomnia and sleep apnea.

If eating more nutritious foods is the solution, or at least partial solution to all of those disparate issues, than it becomes very “easy” to eat healthy foods and workout consistently.  Many people don’t necessarily understand that distinction.  That it’s not a sacrifice when you eat healthy and workout, but a privilege.  You are in the process of creating something – a healthy vital body.  This is one thing in which NO ONE else can do, but you.  Your doctor can’t, your children can’t, your friends or family.  Only you can create your health and body.  Many people waste that privilege thinking it to be “torture.”

The following article discusses the mindset that one should have when creating a body that they can be proud of.  Here’s a small excerpt:

It’s in that moment of awareness—of being able to differentiate between what’s important and what isn’t—that separates those who succeed from those who don’t. Many people will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to keep from feeling insignificant. They’ll drive cars that are out of their price range and pay for bags that could feed a hundred starving kids in Africa for a month, but they won’t take care of the one thing that, if done correctly, will give them the true feeling they’re looking for—their bodies.

They try to gain self-worth through things instead of earning that self-worth through actions and integrity. What they don’t understand is you don’t gain self-worth by having things but by doing meaningful work.

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