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Ultimate Physique Rule #8 ~ The Most Important Steps

Ultimate Physique Rule #8 ~ The Most Important Steps

A quick review of all the “Ultimate Physique” Rules are basically the foundation of everything you’ll ever need to know about getting the body you want. “Foundation” is the key word in that sentence.  Stick with the foundational aspects of fat loss and muscle building and you’ll be on your way to transforming your body into something that you and others look at in awe.

If you stick to natural, whole foods, while strength training 4 days per week and watching your calories, you’ll lose weight and body fat.  If you then break down those calories, while including more protein, move more overall, drink enough water and get adequate sleep, you’ll ensure that you continue to see results, while optimizing your fat burning hormones and decreasing your fat storing hormones.

None of these “Rules” thus far has been ‘Earth Shattering’ and really, it’s not that Fat Loss and obtaining your Ultimate Physique is rocket science.  It’s just that at the end of the day, none of these things matter if you don’t do them.

So what’s the most important step in obtaining your Ultimate Physique?

It’s actually a two-part step, that starts with consistency and ends with progression.  Therefore, the most important step in obtaining one’s “Ultimate Physique” is to Consistently Progress. 

Too often, I see people jump all in with working out AND dieting without thining about any other aspect of their lives.  So although I believe we are all capable of making significant changes to our lives with working out and eating better, too often, we fail to take those other aspects of our lives into consideration. 

Are you really ready to commit to a strict diet?  This means you’re social interactions are going to change.  You’re not going to be able to drink as much wine or alcohol or eat “freely” at all times.  When you go out,  you’re going to have to order food that’s different than the rest of your friends and family.  It’s not that these things are necessarily hard to do.  It’s that you may not be  mentally ready for those changes. 

So, believing that you have to act this way from the very beginning, you either delay working out AND eating better or fail to keep up with your eating habits.  What happens next is what I hear all too often. 

“I just can’t diet.”  The person “fails,” beats themselves up and gives up on making any changes.  They blame their lack of “will-power” instead of saying that they haven’t adequately built the skills they need in order to stick to their diet. 

Will-power is obviously needed to achieve any significant goal, but without the SKILLS needed to maintain a diet, you are more apt to fail. 

So what are the skills needed in a diet?  That depends.  We all need different skills depending on what our limiting factors are.  Some people dislike ice cream and so when they’re around ice cream, don’t feel any temptation.  Others LOVE ice cream.  When they’re around ice cream, they start to get nervous, excited and anxious about what to do (this can really be any food).  For this person, the skills would be four-fold:

1 – They would have to admit that ice cream is a weakness and identify those “Crucial Moments” when they’ll be tempted with ice cream.  Is this at work, at your daughter’s birthday party or dessert when you go out to eat? 

2 – They’ll have to learn the skills of distraction and avoidance.  What this means is they’ll have to learn to focus on other things when they see ice cream.  This can take shape in a number of forms – from ordering fruit instead of ice cream when out at dinner, to not going to birthday celebrations at work when you know ice cream will be present. 

3 – Beyond the avoidance techniques, you can think of what you truly want overall – a healthy and better looking body as opposed to the ice cream.  If after you’ve done these, you still DECIDE to eat the ice cream, then simply decide and move on. 

4 – Hold yourself accountable by adding in something you “hate” everytime you have the ice cream.  Do you hate running stairs?  Then make it that for every serving of ice cream you have, you have to run 10 flights of stairs.  That amount of work won’t necessarily burn all the calories from the ice cream.  What it will do is make you dread having A LOT of ice cream.  Maybe you can tolerate one serving, every week.  What you can’t stand is two servings, because that means you’ll have to run 20 flights of stairs. 

The thing is, you may not be able to give up ice cream tomorrow, but you can get started in the right direction. 

You may not be “perfect” with your diet, but you can Start your diet.  You may not be “perfect” with your workout routine, but you can Start your strength training. 

Over time, with each small victory, such as not having ice cream for three straight weeks, you can then progress to your next diet or exercise “trouble area.” 

Each time, you’re building on your previous wins.  Each time you’re getting closer to your ideal. 

Remember the key to success with body transformation or any goal is Consistent Progress

This means four things:
1 – Any time is a good time to start.
2 – You move towards your ideal – that’s not where you start. 
3 – You don’t have to compare yourself to others – just the individual battles you have to face.
4 – Succcess is more a matter of skill than simply “willpower.”  Work on the skills and you will quickly learn that “The will is strong.”

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