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Quick Tip #20 ~ Become a Master

Quick Tip #20 ~ Become a Master

Too often when trying to take on a body transformation, people will try to be “perfect” from the very start.  Very few people actually succeed while trying this method and I certainly don’t want to discourage good behaviors, but at the same time, those that I see succeed in the long term become masters at one or two things, before adding complexity to the puzzle that is body transformation.

You see, if you can master one or two principles of fat loss or muscle gain before adding another factor or adding complexity into the mix, you will be further ahead than those that try to do a little bit of everything all at once.

Thus far in the Ultimate Physique rules, I’ve told you to

#1 – Eat Only Natural, Whole Foods

# 2 – Strength Train

#3 – Count Your Calories

#4 – Breakdown those calories into smart methods

#5 – Move More

#6 – Drink More Water, and

#7 – Sleep More

I’ve listed these steps in the order that I think they should be followed.  The problem is, as you read more and more of these steps you are more apt to try to build upon one step without truly mastering the previous step.  I think this is a big mistake.

You see, results only come or are truly noticeable when you are building one or two steps at a time.  For example, unless your diet is 90% of natural, whole foods, I wouldn’t even start to care about caloric intake.  Why is this?  As I’ve listed in the original post, different foods have different effects on our hormones.  If you’re eating a lot of processed and plain “crap” foods, then you never learn to auto-regulate your eating.  The reason for this is because not only are your hormones being thrown out of whack by those foods, but the normal satiety hormones and neurotransmitters aren’t being received by your body or brain.

If you don’t receive those signals, then you never learn to notice what your body is saying.  The key to losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF is to be able to eat foods that allow you to know when you’re actually full.  This is why mindless eating in front of the TV and eating processed foods are so “evil.”  They bypass your body’s knowledge of when to stop eating.

Strength Training is important as I listed for countless reasons, from keeping the muscle you have, to speeding your metabolism to making you more insulin sensitive.

If you were to focus on these two steps only, you would be further ahead than most Americans.  In fact, that here’s your game plan:  Focus on these steps until you’ve mastered them and then you can start worrying about the calories and moving more.

Until then, Become a Master of the first two steps!

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