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Ultimate Physique Rules #6 ~ Drink Enough Water

Ultimate Physique Rules #6 ~ Drink Enough Water

Water – Water is the most under-rated “supplement” out there.  People will drink coffee, tea, protein shakes, juices, etc without any regard to actually drinking water.  Water is important for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:
– Helping  your body get rid of the toxins that are released when you burn more fat
– Being able to maintain performance during a workout
– Memory
– Mitochondrial function
– Energy Levels

As such, staying hydrated is an important, but often overlooked aspect with fat loss. 

You see, water aids in keeping the fat burning structures within your cells (the mitochondria) working and running correctly.  Whenever you’re severly dehydrated, these structures do not run as efficiently. 

So how important is water and staying hydrated? 
Pretty important.  Dehydration not only effects performance in sports negatively, but will also negatively effect your memory.  If you’re working out hard and are having a hard time finishing the workout, make sure that you’re staying adequately hydrated.  Huge drops in performance are seen with dehydration levels of only 2%.  Memory works in much the same way.  With even miniscule amounts of dehydration, memory will start to falter.  

Therefore, although you may not “need” a lot of water in order to stay alive, you will need enough water to function optimally throughout the day.   Therefore, if you’re looking to workout hard and not have brain fog during the day, staying hydrated is the way to go. 

How to Use:  No scientific standards for water intake has ever been recommended.  With that said, there’s plenty of anectdotal evidence.  For fat loss, I think the best recommendation is to drink 60% of your weight in ounces per day, up to 128 ounces (no one “needs” more than a gallon per day for fat loss purposes*). 

For example, if you weigh 150 pounds drink 90 ounces of water per day, spread out throughout the day. If you weigh 200 lbs drink 120 ounces, spread out throughout the day and during the times when it’s most appropriate. 
*Please note:  If you’re playing sports outside, in hot, humid weather, you may actually need more water. 

“Most appropriate times” for drinking the water is important because if you’re consuming most of your water while at work, and have no need for it, then you’re really not using the water most efficiently.  In fact, you’re just going to the bathroom more often.  Whereas if you drink more water in the morning (which helps with hydration levels throughout the day), whenever you feel thirsty and around your workouts, you will be much better off.  

Did you know many mid-afternoon slumps are due to one of three factors:
1 – Poor dietary choices/insulin mis-management which causes your blood sugar to drop too low. 
2 – Diurnal hormonal cycles that cause a decrease in energy, and 
3 – Dehydration – which is the most probable cause of mid-afternoon slumps if you don’t have any blood sugar issues. 

Therefore, instead of going for your mid-afternoon coffee, reach for your water bottle, that is hopefully a BPA Stainless Steel bottle for reasons mentioned here

Also, a lot of hunger is masked as thirst – so before you go diving into your snacks, try to drink some water first.  If 10 minutes later, you’re still hungry, then go for the snack.  This way, you not only become more aware of what you’re eating, but also more aware of what you’re body is telling you. 

Finally, remember water should be your primary beverage if you’re trying to lose fat.  Almost anything else is filled with mainly empty calories that do nothing but add to your waistline. 

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