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Monday Workout ~ A “Fun” Finisher

Monday Workout ~ A “Fun” Finisher

This combination of exercises is one of my favorite “Finishers.”  If I use this series as a Finisher, then I only do one set.  But this could easily be used as a workout in and of itself if you’re low on time and want to get in a good hip and glute (butt) workout.

A1 – Dumbell Squat Press – 8 reps
B1 – Single-Armed Clean and Press – 8 reps
B2 – High Pulls with Dumbbell – 8 reps
*Complete all the reps on one side before switching sides
C1 – Squat Swings – 20 reps

This series only takes about 3 minutes if done back to back, but works every single muscle in your body while focusing on you’re your quads, shoulders and glutes.

Dumbbell Squat Press

Here’s a video demonstrating the Dumbbell Squat Press:  Just jump to the 40 second mark to see the form.

Single-Armed Clean and Press

Here’s a video demonstrating the Single-Armed Clean and Press:

Make sure with all of these exercises, but especially with the single-armed clean and press that you’re keeping your natural S-curve in your spine.

High Pulls

I couldn’t find a video demonstrating how I would want the High Pull done, so I’ll explain it.

Start with the same start position as the single-armed clean and press.  Look at the video for an example, but basically, it’s a little wider than shoulder width stance.  You’re going to squat down, to grab the dumbbell or kettlebell, keeping your back straight.  Keeping the weight in your heels, you’re going to explode up from your hips, allowing your arm to stay close to your body, leading with your elbow up.  There are other variations that you could do, but this is the way that you should do this for this particular workout.

Squat Swings

Here’s a video showing you how to do a Squat Swing correctly by Dan John:

There you have it, a good finisher for a Deadlift, fat-burning, total body or shoulder workout.

Again, you can also use this as a quick workout in and of itself.  Completing 3-4 rounds will give you an adequate workout if you go heavy enough and you’ll definitely be winded.  Enjoy.

If you have any questions about this workout or about Personal Training in Hoboken, please email me at

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