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Fun Day Friday ~ 6/17/11

Fun Day Friday ~ 6/17/11

This week, the T-nation Training Lab authors released a flood of practical advice that, when taken together, applies to just about every person I encounter. Here’s 3 links to “mindset” articles when it comes to training and one very interesting read by Charles Poliquin.

1 – Your Body is Stubborn by Chris Shugart

This short “post” is dead on.  Our bodies like to conserve energy (aka, be lazy), but in order to see the changes we make, we have to “spur it on” with directed action.  Here’s a part of the post:

Here’s something you may not know about horses: the first 100 yards you ride a horse, the horse is evaluating and testing you. If he senses you’re a weak rider, he’ll do as little as possible: he’ll go too slow, stop and eat when he’s not supposed to, or just stand there and make you look stupid…In our world of muscle building and fat loss, you’d be wise to think of your body as a stubborn horse. Unless you take charge and push it, it’s going to try and get away with doing as little as possible.

Read Your Body is Stubborn here.

2 – Everything Counts by Christian Thibideau

Sometimes my words get minced, when I tell someone that they need to walk more and just parking your car and taking the stairs helps immensely in “walking more.”  People tend to then think, that I said, “All I have to do is walk.”  No, what I’m saying is that every little thing counts and can be beneficial.  Christian Thibideau wrote a “spill” about this concept this week.  Here’s a small excerpt:

A lot of my clients and other people ask me if it is worth it coming in to the gym and only do half of their workout because they are pressed for time. In their mind, if they don’t do the whole thing, it’s not worth it.
– Doing half of your workout, if you give it all you’ve got WILL stimulate results.

Read the rest of Everything Counts here.

3 – How to be Completely Dissatisfied Your Entire Training Life by Jim Wendler

This was one of the best summations I’ve seen on what it takes to see results – A singular focus (which is what my Quick Tip was about this week) and a long-term way of doing the work consistently.  Here’s a small excerpt:

I was part of the Get Strong Now Crew for a while; wanting to be as big as Tony Mandarich in a year or so. Thankfully, I have persistence and learned a valuable lesson by my junior year of high school; while everyone admired my strength and wanted it NO ONE WAS WILLING TO WORK FOR IT. They all wanted it now. They didn’t want to spend the hours in the weight room for the first 3 years.
4 – The Enemy of Fat Loss: Obsesogens by Charles Poliquin
This week, I faltered on my diet bad and just went to town on a ton of candy on Monday.  Ninety percent of the time I can control my cravings without any issue.  Ever since Monday though, I’ve ridiculous cravings for sweets that’s caused me to slip up 2 more times.  In my mind, there’s three reasons why I’ve had these cravings:
1 – The sugar rush released a dopamine response similar to a “crack addiction” making seek out my next “hit.”
2 – The sugar rush also started to disregulate my blood sugar, which caused my blood sugar to “crash.” This crash led me to once again seek out something with sugar, in order to bring my blood sugar back up.
3 – The massive amounts of sweets disrupted my intestinal flora, causing a small spike in Candida and making me crave sweets all the more.
This article by Charles Poliquin adds a 4th reason:
“The medical and physical fitness industries are interested in obesogens because these are natural and manmade toxins that promote obesity by accelerating the storage of fat…Obesogens, also know as endocrine disruptors, are found in many common products, such as high fructose corn syrup.”
In other words, this is a pervasive reason why we stay fat, unless we’re spurring ourselves against eating like crap and being lazy.  Also, the article highlights another reason why high fructose corn syrup is garbage sold as food.
Next Tuesday, I will be discussing 4 mechanisms behind re-balancing your body in order to beat CONSTANT cravings for sweets.
Have a good weekend!
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