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Tuesday Psych Post ~ Fat Loss Myths

Tuesday Psych Post ~ Fat Loss Myths

Please Note:  The link below takes you to my article ~ Fat Loss Isn’t Easy: Myths and Facts about Losing Weight.

There are so many different myths spread by “mainstream” journalism that it hurts to watch a respectable source be bogged down by the myths of eating healthy and fat loss.  These myths are not based on science and typically perpetuated by anecdotal evidence.

What’s anecdotal evidence?  It’s a statement like this from a friend, “Bob lost weight by quitting his job and taking care of his son.  I’ve decided I’m going to quit my job and take care of my daughter, so that I can lose weight.”

Stories we hear from friends with good intentions often skew the reality of the situation.  One person lost weight, probably from a number of different factors ranging from moving more, probably eating less and having less stress.  But get two or more people to lose weight in that “quit job/take care of baby” type of way and I bet you’ll get the new “fat loss” craze.

The problem with these myths is that they take away from the core principles of what it takes to lose fat and keep it off.

In this following article, I discuss those principles and the keys to losing fat and keeping it off.

Weight loss is easy. Fat loss—without losing too much muscle—isn’t so easy. This article will help expose some myths surrounding fat loss while helping to explain why the weight can come back on easily if you aren’t vigilant.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about fat loss is that it shouldn’t be hard. This thought is induced and perpetuated from a number of different factors—the media telling us how to lose 10 lbs in 10 days, infomercials selling exercise machines that end with the catch phrase “it was so easy,” and genetically skinny individuals plastered everywhere who don’t have to work out or think about what they’re eating.

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