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Monday Workout ~ 6/13/11

Monday Workout ~ 6/13/11

This is a fun circuit I did a couple of weeks ago when I wanted to work-out, had about 20-30 minutes and was doing a “what’s not sore” today workout.  In other words, this wasn’t a scheduled workout and I just wanted to do extra work.  I had an off day the following day and my chest was sore as my quads were on the verge of being sore.

1 – Chin-ups ~ Men 10 reps or to Failure, whichever is higher or Reverse grip Lat Pulldown for Women – 10 reps at 80 pounds
2 – Sled pushes – Fast for 20 yards
3 – Push-ups – To Failure (at least 10)
4 – Farmer’s Walks – Same Distance at the sled pushes
5 – Standing Shoulder Press – 6 reps at 70% of your 1RM
6 – Squat Swings – 1 DB or KB – 20 Reps

Repeat for 4 rounds with minimal rest in between – Usually about 60 seconds.

If you’re doing this with heavy enough weights, expect to be winded, but have a great “pump” and feeling after the workout.  With this workout, you’ve worked all the major muscle groups and it’s a great way to get in extra work without really interfering with your normal workouts.

As with all workouts, this can be scaled down and made easier or harder depending on your level.  Chin-ups can be replaced with the reverse-grip Lat pulldown.  Sled pushes can be varied either by distance or weights used.  If you are reluctant to do a sled push, do a sled drag.  The more upright position makes it a lot easier to breathe.  Push-ups can be scaled by using an incline hand position by either using the smith machine or risers and a step. Farmer’s Walks can vary by using a long bar (harder), dumbbells/kettlebells or by lowering the amount of weights used.  Standing Shoulder Press can be scaled, really using the amount of weight used or using a push press with the same weight.  Squat Swings can be scaled by either doing less reps (15) or less weight.

If you can’t do any of the exercises or have any injuries, please don’t use this workout.  There are other ways to get in a quick workout without hurting yourself.

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