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Ultimate Physique Rules #3 ~ Calories Are King!

Ultimate Physique Rules #3 ~ Calories Are King!

In the first rule for the “Ultimate Physique” I said that you should strive to Eat only Natural, Whole Foods.  Although this is what I consider to be the first rule, the bottom line is that you can’t simply eat a ton of “clean and healthy” foods and expect to have your “Ultimate Physique.  You also need to be highly cognizant of your total caloric intake.  Eating Whole Natural foods will help with that, but at the end of the day, Calories are still King.

They are the factor that will determine whether or not you will lose fat.  So how do you figure out your daily caloric intake?

Here’s the simplest equation that you can start with in calculating the amount of calories you should be consuming if Fat Loss is your goal.  In other words, this isn’t the best way to maintain your weight or to eat for health.  It’s simply the best way to start with losing fat.

Bodyweight x 11

So is this equation written in stone?  Definitely not.  It’s a great starting point though.  For example, if your bodyfat is on the higher end, above 25% for men or 30% for women, then you would subtract 100 calories for every 5% you are above those percentages. If you’re a woman at 30% you would subtract 100 calories, 35% you would subtract 200 calories, etc.

So how would you use this equation?  In four steps:

1 – You should follow this equation for 4 weeks and measure both your weight and bodyfat percentage weekly. During that time you should have lost between 4-8 pounds and/or 3-4% of bodyfat for men and 2-3% of bodyfat for women.

2 – If you haven’t, then it’s time to adjust the caloric intake. You would start by dropping the caloric intake by 1 per pound of bodyweight.  This means if you haven’t been losing the weight or bodyfat at an optimal rate the equation would then change to:

Bodyweight x 10.

3 – If you have seen those results, then you would adjust the equation with your new weight. After 4 weeks, you should have seen some progress.  Updating the equation after 4 weeks will take that progress into consideration.

4 – The key with all of this, is that you have to actually keep track of your calories. Studies have shown that people will underestimate their caloric intake by up to 40%.  That’s a vastly different caloric intake of someone who thinks that they’re eating 1600 calories per day versus 2250 calories.

This rule, combined with the first and second rules will get you started on you on a solid foundation of achieving your Ultimate Physique.

Until next week, if you have any questions or comments, either leave a comment below or email me at

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  1. Sooo… Is that calorie intake formula is for weight in POUNDS or KILOGRAMS??
    Also, IMHO the “calories” concept is complete BS. Different people would digest same food in a different way, thus receiving a different quantity of “calories” (energy, really).
    And again, rather common mistake of so-called “dietologists”: it’s KILOcalories. Would you learn basic physics, please. The principle of measuring unit concistency is a live-or-die question,

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