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Quick Tip #15 ~ Eat Your Calories

Quick Tip #15 ~ Eat Your Calories

When trying to lose weight, you really should avoid drinking your calories as most calories from beverages are nothing but empty calories.

Water, soda and milk all take up the same volume but vary greatly on the amount and type of calories consumed.  Water equals no calories.

Soda equals about 40 grams of sugar or about 160 calories – mainly from fructose.  This sugar spike will not only increase your insulin levels but also fill your liver glycogen levels.  Your liver glycogen levels need to be depleted in order for fat burning to occur optimally.  This is the main reason why fructose, especially in the form of high fructose corn syrup can be so detrimental to fat loss.

Milk will range from 90 – 150 calories per 8 ounces.  All being equal, if you’re in a caloric deficit and you’re trying to lose fat, then the best thing you can do is to make sure that all your calories are coming from food – not beverages.

I can hear the comments now though:

Person one’s comment:  “I already follow this rule and I never drink soda.”
My comment:  Did you drink alcohol this weekend?
Their response:  “Yes.”
My response:  Well then, you’re not following this rule – and trust me alcohol is worse than soda for fat loss.

Person two’s comment:  “I only add a little milk to my coffee.”
My response:  How often per day do you drink coffee and do you add any sweetners, like sugar?
Typical response back: “Yes, but only a little and I have it three times a day.  But I REALLY need my coffee.”
My response:  How about you make a list of all of the things you “need” and we’ll work on changing those things you don’t “need?”

The bottom line is this is an easy rule that eliminates a ton of empty calories.

It’s on you though to determine what you “need” and to eliminate calories using other methods.


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