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Monday Workout ~ “Fun” Leg Routine – 6/06/11

Monday Workout ~ “Fun” Leg Routine – 6/06/11

At the gym I manage, there’s not much in terms of standard barbell equipment.  We don’t have a squat rack and the closest thing to it is a Smith Machine.  Not my ideal when it comes to doing legs.  With that said, I’ve had some of my best leg workouts there.  How?  By following this routine:

1 – Adjustable pin Leg Press Machine – Heavy – 5 reps
2 – Adjustable pin Leg Press Machine – 100 pounds lighter – 12 reps
3 – Single-Legged Box “Squats” with the Smith Machine – 8 reps on each
4 – Jumping Squats with a Dumbbell – 40 pounds – 12 reps
5 – Jumping Lunges – 12 reps (no weight)
6 – Sled Push from the bottom – 25 yards

You would repeat this circuit for 4 rounds with minimal rest in between exercises and rest as needed after the final round.

This workout can “easily” be completed in 30 minutes.  That is if you consider “easy” as I want to fall on the floor and not move for 20 minutes afterwards.

If you have any questions about this routine or about Personal Training in Hoboken, feel free to email me at

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