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Fun Day Fridays ~ 6/3/2011

Fun Day Fridays ~ 6/3/2011

This post is going out to all the people who ate too much over Memorial Day weekend, got weighed in, saw they didn’t lose any weight, although they’ve been working hard in the gym and need a “Pick me up.” Here’s three posts that I think every member who’s in the 10-week Fat Loss Program should read:

1 – High Heels, Deadlifts and Attitude, part 2

This post from Tony Gentilcore’s blog is an interview with Molly Galbraith and her lifting regimen.  If you do nothing else, go to the site and see her before and after pictures from “lifting heavy.” Here’s a small excerpt:

Eat REAL food!  Most women think that their diets of Special K bars, fat free yogurt, and 100 calorie packs of wheat thins are “healthy.”  Let me tell you something, if the food is crap to begin with, whether it’s in a 100 calorie pack or not, you are still eating crap!  If you are going to strength train, you must fuel your body properly.  Lucky for you, you can fuel your body and get leaner at the same time.  The best way to do both is to…

Read High Heels, Deadlifts and Attitude, part 2 here.

2 – Stop Measuring BodyFat

It sort of pains my soul that I agree with this article, as I do believe that body fat measurements (calipers) can be an important indicator of progress.  With that being said, I do hate the BIA, but it’s convenient.  I also think pictures and actual measurements can do wonders to confirm the hard work you’ve been putting in the gym.

This post is really for all the women who’ve had their clothes fit better over the past 5 weeks, yet has seen such slooow progress with the numbers on the BIA.  Here’s a small excerpt:

Some people look great and feel great. They’re lean, “toned,” and have very admirable bodies. Then they screw up and get their body fat measured.

Seeing a higher number than they expected, they decide that maybe they don’t look as good as they thought, so they go on a starvation diet until the numbers look better to them. Of course, this often leads to them looking gaunt and weak instead of sexy and athletic. But hey, at least they got the number they wanted.

Read Stop Measuring BodyFat here.

3 – The Power of You

Last but not least for this week is a post I’m stealing from Tony Gentilcore’s list of readings for the week from Roger Lawson.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, then you know I think that what we believe, about ourselves and ourselves in relation to exercise, determines how far we can succeed when it comes to transforming both our bodies and our health.  Sometimes though, you just need some simple words of encouragement.  This post are those words of encouragement.  Here’s a small excerpt:

Do you believe in yourself?

If you don’t have that belief in you, then I believe in you.

If you ask why you should believe in yourself, I ask in return why not?

Without belief, nothing is possible but with it anything is.

Read The Power of You here.



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