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Fun Day Fridays ~ 5/27/11

Fun Day Fridays ~ 5/27/11

There’s been some interesting “Psych” posts this week about the many mistakes that we all make on everything from arranging one’s life, to sticking to a diet, to what is quite possibly the best list I’ve come across for those who fail when it comes to making a body transformation.  With that said, let’s get started.

1 – This first link is from Leigh Peele who talks about her failed attempts at multi-tasking.  She imparts some great advice for something I feel we all try to do – get more done than we can actually accomplish with the time we have (I know this all too well).  Here’s a small excerpt from her post:

Have Multiple Goals, But One Lead Task

I think multiple life goals are good. But there needs to be boundaries and priorities set.

1. Only Have 1 Lead Task.

If you want to lose fat, lose fat. Don’t try and max out your PR. If you do, great, but that isn’t the goal. The goal is to lose fat. Fat loss is a war. It is a battle. Your body is the opponent. It makes a move and you counter. What do you think happens when you turn your back on the enemy to do something else?

Read “Multitasking” – Screwing Everything Up Simultaneously and avoid making some of the same mistakes.

2 – This second link is from Shelby Starnes and he talks about 5 of the biggest “surprise” blocks we all encounter when it comes to sticking to a diet.  I’ve talked about most of the concepts that he talks about, albeit in separate posts.  This article brings it all together in one.  Here’s a small excerpt:

Reason #4: You’re Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd (and reinforcing the wrong habits)

What do your friends do for fun? Do they have similar interests as you in terms of building muscle and losing fat? Or do they like hanging out at the bar, watching football and eating pizza, and gaming?

Occasionally having a beer with some friends is one thing, but getting hammered a few nights a week, sleeping in until noon, and missing the first three meals of the day will definitely crush any chance you have at building a respectable physique.

The crowd you hang out with will impact what you do and who you become in a major way, so make sure you choose wisely. Having peers with similar interests and goals will propel you toward your own goals much faster.

Read 5 Surprising Reasons You Blew Your Diet here.

3 – And last but not least for this week, is quite possibly one of the best lists for not achieving a body transformation that you want.  The original list is from Tom Venuto and although I’m on his mailing list, I couldn’t find the original link or email.  Therefore, you’re going to get a “marketing perspective” on the failed reasons behind a body transformation.  Spoiler alert – they’;re mental reasons not macro-nutrient reasons.  Here’s a small excerpt:

Body Transformation mistake #5:
Following the crowd

Success Strategy:
Following the successful people

Body Transformation mistake #6:
Using only willpower; trying to change with force

Success Strategy:
Using habit power and your subconscious mind to change automatically

Body Transformation mistake #7:
Lying to yourself about your condition, your commitment or your consistency

I strongly suggest reading the whole list of Body Transformation mistakes and see if you’re making any of them. 

Have a good long weekend!

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