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Ultimate Physique Rules #1 – Eat only Natural, Whole Foods

Ultimate Physique Rules #1 – Eat only Natural, Whole Foods

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment.  When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient.  When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.”  ~ Ken Blanchard

This is the first in a 20-step “rulebook” to move towards your “Ultimate Physique.” 

This list is for those looking primarily for physique enhancement – that means, to look better.  This, therefore, is not the list for “Ultimate Health,” or “Ultimate Energy” list, or anything else you might desire from working out and your diet.  With that said, most people will also become healthier from these rules, especially if you follow the first 12. 

So what do I think is the most important rule for getting your “Ultimate Physique?”  Is it super-crazy training?  Is it the new super-acai berry fatburner? 

Absolutely not. 

It’s eating and sticking to natural, whole foods only. 

This includes unprocessed meats (no bacon, deli meats, etc), eggs, vegetables, fruits, organic butter, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, olive oil, nuts, teas, organic coffee and water. 

This list eliminates every other type of food including, but not limited to:  Breads, pastas, cheeses, milk, bagels, bacon or anything else you might think of that isn’t on the list above. 

Why is this the most important step in physique enhancement? 

In general, because it eliminates most of the empty, non-nutritious foods and calories from your diet.  You see, when losing fat, you have to take into account two main things:

1 – The amount of calories that you’re taking in.

2 – The effect that the foods are having on your hormones. 

For example, if you’re eating only 1,000 calories per day, but they came from all sugar, you’re body would break down muscle in order to get essential nutrients, while also spiking your insulin, promoting fat storage. 

If on the other hand, you stick to whole, natural foods, while keeping your protein intake high (30% of your calories or 1 – 1.5 grams per pound of your weight), you will naturally be less hungry.  This occurs because protein is more satiating than either carbs or fat and releases the hormone glucagon.  Glucagon acts to inhibit or at least temper insulin’s release and keeps your blood sugar levels much more stable.  This will make you less hungry overall, and less hunger will equal less eating – all without much conscious effort on your part. 

Now, if you’ve never tried eating this way before, don’t tell me you “can’t” do it.  After two weeks without most of your “comfort foods,” you truly don’t miss them.  In general, you feel better, have more energy and the cravings you have are more social in nature than an actual physical desire for the food.  In other words, you see other people eating the food and want that food – but your body doesn’t really need, or even want the food. 

With that said, the first two weeks eating this way are typically not that fun and will take a fair amount of self-control.  If you can make it past those initial weeks though, sticking to this diet lays a solid foundation for all of the other steps towards your “Ultimate Physique.” 

Until next week’s “Ultimate Physique” rule, if you have any questions on this post or about starting to work with a Personal Trainer in Hoboken, email me at

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