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Fun Day Fridays ~ 5/20/11

Fun Day Fridays ~ 5/20/11

Alright, so this post includes one update, one “master switch” found, two diet steps everyone should follow and one awesome video. The video demonstrates the difference in mindsets between those who “own” their health versus those that are just trying to get by with “some treadmill work.”

1 – Super AWESOME announcement – This has already been the best month for this website and there’s still 11 days to go. There’s only one word so say about that: Word!

2 – Evidently, scientists have found the “master switch” gene for obesity – the KLF14 gene (whatever the hell that is):

“In a report of their study, the researchers explained that other genes found to be controlled by KLF14 are linked to a range of metabolic traits, including body mass index, obesity, cholesterol, insulin and glucose levels.”

Although this is intriguing, what it doesn’t show is what turns that gene on or off (that’s the drug that will be coming straight to you in about 10-15 years).

You can read about it in this yahoo article:  Scientists find “master switch” gene for obesity.

Here are two posts by Jonny Bowden:

3 – Urban Legend: The Whole grain Scam
I would say, by far, the hardest part of my job is convincing women that they need more protein and less carbs.  The usual excuses I get are I eat whole wheat bread – as though I’m going to give them a medal for not eating white bread.

To me, eating white bread is eating sugar.  Whole wheat bread is like eating brown sugar – better, right??? Not really.

“Whole grains” are definitely better than processed grains. The question is “how much better”, and the answer is… not so much.

Read the rest of the article here ~ Urban Legend: The Whole Grain Scam

4 – The second part of trying to convince people to eat better is the ultimate question:  What is the best diet for fat loss?

I say high protein, low-glycemic carb diet.  It’s just that simple.  In another post by Jonny Bowden, he highlights a couple of studies that have shown just that.  Although the protein in those diets is about 5% less than would be “ideal.”

Losing weight is hard- so finding a reasonable plan that allows you to maintain your hard won gains is the holy grail of weight loss programs.

A new study attempted to do just that. Researchers looked at four different diets in an attempt to identify which program would have the best chance of keeping weight off.

The clear winner: a low-glycemic, higher protein diet.

Read the rest of the article here: High-Protein, Low-Glycemic Diet Proven Best for Maintaining Weight Loss.

5 – Last but not least, What are You Making Yourself?

Allyson Felix is “Making Herself…Proud”

“There’s no better feeling than knowing that you gave 100% and there was nothing left to give.”
– Allyson Felix



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