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Fun Day Fridays ~ 5/13/11

Fun Day Fridays ~ 5/13/11

Alright, so I’ve had a hard time selecting only a couple of articles to share.

In this first group of videos, let’s talk about Parenting. I’m not an “expert” in this area, by any means, but I’m pretty sure I can get these two things right.

Rule #1 – Let Your Kids Play Outside

A recent multicenter study of more than 11,000 eight- and nine-year-olds, led by pediatric researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in New York, showed that kids who had at least 15 minutes of recess a day (even just 15 minutes!) behaved better in class.

According to study author and developmental pediatrician Romina Barros, M.D., their conduct was likely better because, after hours of concentration, they were able to give their exhausted brains a rest before going back to absorbing information — something many young kids can only do well for about a half hour at a time.

Just one thing to say about that – I want more recess!

Rule #2 – Don’t let your kids play with dead squirrels.

I don’t even know what to say about this video – honestly, wtf?!?

Ok, so I would hope that I have more than those 2 rules for parenting, but that’s where I’ll start for now. 😉

Next up, let’s talk about Facebook. I really dislike Facebook. The whole concept of it, sort of sceeves me out. With that being said, I accidentally signed up last week when I thought I was making a page for my website. Evidentally not. Damn you Facebook!

And yes, I know I should really use the “power of Facebook” to market my business, but until then, I’ll take this Onion spoof as fact.

Last but not least, this post on “Getting it Done” was so simple, yet effective. The picture alone says it all:

What's Your Excuse for Not Working Out?
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