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Monday Workout ~ Level 2 Workout

Monday Workout ~ Level 2 Workout

Total Body Workout

This can be done by men or women and is really a “Level 2” Fat Loss Workout.  There’s 7 systems or Levels of Fat Loss Workouts that I use.  Last week, I gave a woman’s beginner workout, which is a basic Level 1 workout for those who are just getting familiar with doing any sort of strength training workouts.  This is a Level 2 workout and based on a circuit.  The exercises, for the most part, remain pretty basic with the set-up intended to be completed back-to-back with minimal rest in between.  The exercise order is intended to have non-opposing muscles being used in each exercise.

The weights and reps used are for women who have some experience with strength training.  If you’re a woman, I would start with the weights recommended unless you can’t perform the exercise with good form.  Try it first though.  Don’t say you can’t while doing the exercise.  Here’s the video:

The Nine Exercises in the Video are:
1 – Kneeling Diagonal Cable Lift – 30 pounds – 12 on each side
2 – Palloff Press – 35 pounds – 20 on each side
3 – Repeater Knees with Shoulder Press – 12 pounds – 10 on each leg
4 – Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown – 70 pounds – 12 reps
5 – Band Reverse Lunges – 12 on each leg
6 – Face Pulls – 60 pounds – 15 reps
7 – Dumbbell Chest Press – 15’s – 10 reps
8 – Single-Armed Clean and Press – 12 or 15 pound dumbbell – 8 on each arm
9 – Quick Band Rows – 20 seconds

You would repeat this series 3 times, resting about 60-90 seconds between rounds.
You would then increase one round per week for three weeks and drop back down to three rounds in week 4.

Starting in week 4, try to increase either your weight or reps for every exercise in the second 3-week series.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me

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  1. i approve this message.

    i can’t really hear what you were saying… but can you elaborate on the significance of the palloff? it hurts so goooooood….

    1. 1 – Get louder speakers…?

      2 – The palloff press is simply an exercise that helps fire your deep core muscles in correct sequence. So for example, people can hold the plank, but they will drop their hips and their rectus abdominus muscles will be firing instead of their TVA. With the palloff press, the TVA, etc has to fire in correct sequence otherwise you won’t be able to press the rope in front of you.
      This is good because your TVA, etc should be firing when doing any pressing or pulling movement first. By getting that muscle sequencing to occur in a “subconscious” way (without having to think about it), you start having a stronger foundation in which to push/pull from and should help in preventing back muscle spasms.

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