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Woman’s Beginner Workout

Here’s the video I promised from Monday’s workout post.

This workout routine is a basic strength training routine for women who are first starting out with strength exercises.  This would be the first routine I would start with a woman who has only done cardio in the past (treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, etc) and wanted to start strength training in order to start being more defined. The video shows 8 basic exercises for women who have never really strength trained in the past.

The video demonstrates 8 exercises:
1 – Goblet Squat
2 – Smith Machine Push-ups
3 – Single-Armed Cable Rows
4 – Romanian Dumbbell Deadlifts
5 – Bridges
6 – Shoulder Press
7 – Floor Press
8 – Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

Please see Monday’s post for the description of the exercises.  For any questions about any of the exercises or for more information about Personal Training in Hoboken, please email me at or leave a comment below.

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