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Quick Fit #11 ~ You Create Your Reality

There’s a program by Dr. John Eliot where he talks about the most successful people in sports and in industry.  What do all of these people have in common?  They create their own reality.  The know what they want and they go about creating it.  They don’t wait for the circumstances to be right.  They don’t wait for the right people to come into their lives.  They simply create their own reality.  They do the work and as they do the work, somehow, someway, everything else seems to fall into place.

Now I’m not saying, don’t plan, don’t be overly optimistic and not temper it with some sort of reality.  But don’t be beat down by others pessimism.

Here’s a video of Will Smith exemplifying this point:

So when you “stick out” from your friends who don’t eat healthy, who can’t fathom working out consistently or as intensely as they see you working, don’t take it personally.  They’re just “weird” for not wanting to push their bodies – for not wanting to be healthier – for not wanting to live up to their ideal.  That’s creating your own reality.

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