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What to do if you have “Fat Thighs?”

What to do if you have “Fat Thighs?”

“Thunder Thighs”

“The Chub Rub”

“My thighs rub together so much, I can spark a fire”

These are all comments I’ve got this week, from women talking about their thighs.  Almost every single woman I’ve ever worked with doesn’t like some aspect about her thighs.

The reason for this is that most women have more fat receptors in their thighs than anywhere else in their body.  Although this is benefical for health reasons (fat stored around your stomach is worse), it’s not so good for women who want to wear a two-piece bathing suit on the beach.

This week, I’ve been doing the preliminary work for a 10-week Fat Loss Program that starts on Monday.  One of the initial screens is body-fat.  Almost every woman’s problem area thus far has been their thighs – both their quads and their hamstring fat.

The question I invariably get is, “What can I do to lose that fat?”  The following are 7 Steps to get you started towards thinner thighs:

#1 – Stop drinking out of plastic containers – This means, get a water filter on your faucet and drink from a glass and/or purchase a BPA-free aluminum or steel can. BPA mimics estrogen and exogenous estrogen (BPA) is stored most readily in the back of your thigh or hamstring area.

# 2 – Increase your intake of Cruciferous Vegetables – This means eat more broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy, etc.  These vegetables are rich in DIM and Sulphorophane which help to block absorption of some forms of exogenous estrogen.  Most of these vegetables, you would want to cook, if eaten excessively, because they can contribute to goiter formation if you’re not cooking them.

3 – Avoid foods wrapped in plastic and try to avoid canned foods – This is very hard to do as almost every food is wrapped in plastic.  The bottom line is that you want to stop storing your cooked foods in plastic – ie., purchase glass containers – and if you don’t microwave your foods in plastic containers, you’ll be a lot better off for it.  Heating up foods in plastic containers, can be highly detrimental to your efforts of detoxing exogenous estrogen from your body.

4 – Take an Anti-Estrogen and cycle between anti-estrogens – Resveratrol, green tea, DIM, etc all help to block estrogen conversion or assist in estrogen removal.  Here’s a good article on some anti-estrogens.

5 -Lose Overall Body Fat – Although high estrogen levels make it harder to lose fat, losing fat will help with decreasing estrogen levels.  In other words, do the best exercises to lose fat (heavy strength training), take at least 10,000 steps a day and get adequate rest.

6 – Cut out Processed Soy – Although there are some studies saying that processed soy won’t increase estrogen levels, I’m still not sold.  It’s like saying, don’t play with the ball in the house.  Eventually, you’ll break something.  So sure, if you’re healthy and your hormones are in complete balance and you want to take the chance with processed soy – go ahead.  If not, it’s best to avoid processed soy foods – such as soy milk, soy protein, soy ice cream, etc.

7 – Control Insulin Levels – This is true for both women and men, but is more important for men.  High insulin levels will block the conversion of progresterone to testosterone and will instead convert it to estrogen.   In other words, lower your carb intake, take high doses of high quality fish oil and make your cells more insulin sensitive through heavy, concentric-focused strength training.  High levels of eccentric training have been shown to decrease insulin-sensitivity, at least short-term.

I know it sounds as though this post is geared towards women, but in all actuality, men have this problem just as often as women.  It’s the feminization of America through the wonders of plastic.  So guys, grab the back of your thighs.  If you have a lot of fat back there, start with these recommendations also.

If you want more details on the quickest and best way to get rid of the fat in this problem area or for Personal Training in Hoboken, please email me at

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