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Monday Workouts 4/11/11 ~ Legs

The whole goal of this year has been to get to 205 pounds.  This would be the heaviest that I’ve ever been and 20 pounds heavier than I was the day after Christmas. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been fluctuating between 202 and 207 pounds.  The time frame to get to the goal of 205 pounds was April 15th.  At this rate, I think it’s about time to start losing that excess fat.

With that said, my training week starts on Saturdays – so in other words, I have a week to “experiment” with my workouts.  Since I primarily followed the HP Mass program and followed it up with the first phase of Dysmorphia training (primarily because they are vastly different training programs and protocols), I decided that I’m going to try and combine some of the methods of each routine.

The one problem that has been plaguing me this year )and is not helping me gain weight as effectively) is that I haven’t been able to get full depth on the back squat.  To correct the problem I’ve been trying a number of different things from stretching my hip flexors, my piriformis and foam rolling my IT band, calves, glute, etc.  I’ve also been working the posterior chain and doing more goblet squats while trying to integrate the “right” movement pattern, just so that I could get to the correct depth of my squat.

After doing all of that for the first two months of the year, I saw almost no increase in depth without my lower back rounding at the bottom of the movement.  Since I haven’t been able to do a lot of back squats, I’ve been doing a lot of front squats.  I hated them at first, but I definitely enjoy them much more now.

With that said, after playing with a couple of different things that really didn’t help my back squat depth, I’ve finally been able to get all the way down without rounding my back.

The difference?  I’ve been working on a lot more t-spine mobility.  Who would’ve thought the muscles up by my shoulder blades were my limiting factor when it came to getting into the proper squat depth.  Well obviously some people did, because that’s how I learned about it.

Anyways, with all of that said, I combined various methods for this week’s first experimental Leg Workout.  I combined the HP Mass program’s activation exercises, accelerating techniques with low reps and a more traditional bodybuilding routine for the squats finished with some max effort heavy deadlifting.  It was a relatively quick workout and since I was able to get to the proper depth, my legs are as sore as they’ve been in a long time.

Here’s the workout:
1 – Front Squats – Come up as fast as possible, while not focusing on the eccentric.  4 sets of 5 (5th set after the second set of back squats).

2 – Back Squats – Slow and controlled reps.  4 sets of 8-12.  Second set is supersetted with Front squats – This is the 5th set of 5 reps for the front squats (and heaviest weights used while continuing to accelerate as quickly as possible) – Immediately rack the weight and finish with 10 reps of the same weight on the back squat.

3 – Deadlifts – Build up to a two rep max deadlift – Take as many sets as you need to get to that point.  This should be about 6 – 8 sets of 3- 5 reps.

4 – Stair Running with the 35’s – One flight – 6x’s up and down without any rest.

And that’s it.

If you can get to the proper squat depth, try this routine when you’re in the mood for a very “basic” workout that combines a bunch of “fun” methods.

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