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Fun Day Fridays – 3/25/11

Here’s a collection of the things I think you should know about – So get your knowledge on!

I’ve been talking about Changing Beliefs ad naseum for the past two weeks.  Morty Lefkoe has been doing it for decades.   Needless to say, I think his program is worthy of purchasing, but if you don’t at least read this post by him.  Here’s a short clip of the article:

“When a child asks herself, what does it mean that she is not doing what her parents want repeatedly and what do her parents responses mean, the answer 99% of all children give is: I’m not good enough. (My associates and I have talked to well over 13,000 clients who have told us this.)
If she actually were not good enough, her parents’ responses to her behavior would make sense.  In other words, this belief is a reasonable interpretation of mom and dad’s response to her when she is a very young child.”

Read How You Can Eliminate Beliefs For Good.

I’m not done with posts by Morty Lefkoe.  Here’s his other post this week about a woman who had lost weight and gained it all back.  Look at the beliefs she had and ask yourself if you’ve ever had any similar beliefs?

“She told me that she had had knee surgery last December and had been unable to walk, much less exercise for over two months.  That could partially account for the increase in weight, but it wouldn’t account for overeating and unhealthy eating…

Almost in passing she mentioned that after she realized that she would be unable to exercise—which meant to her that the constant weight loss she had been experiencing probably would stop—she had the thought: What’s the use.  I’ll never lose weight no matter how hard I try.

That was a new belief that partially explained the re-emergence of her eating problem.”

Read She Was Gaining Weight Again.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, but still talking about beliefs is Matt Kroc’s latest article, The Confidence Switch.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“My coach’s response? “What difference does it make? You were never going to make it anywhere anyway.”
What bothered me most wasn’t his lack of faith in my abilities, but the way he’d say these things, as if my succeeding wasn’t even in the realm of possibility.
The damage was done, and the pattern of failure had taken hold. The cumulative effect kept me from achieving many things in my teenage years that I was completely capable of, both athletically and academically.
I realize now that the crucial thing wasn’t the incidents themselves, but the effect I let them have on me.”

Read The Confidence Switch.

Every day during lunch, I leave my office and talk to members – and almost every day I’m accosted by the new Pharmaceutical “Fish Oil” commercial under the name Lovaza.  This makes me want to punch the TV.  In other words, those commercials perturb me.  This article had some research to justify my “perturbance.”  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study last month with twice as many subjects as the first one. (5) During the six-month time span, researchers gave subjects either a high-quality fish oil supplement – in the naturally occurring triglyceride form – or an omega-3 ethyl ester (The pharmaceutical form).

Researchers even measured subjects’ omega-3 index to find the amount of EPA and DHA in red blood cell membranes. This is the best way to measure omega-3s in the body, because when EPA and DHA are in your red blood cell membranes they’re locked and loaded, just waiting to be clipped off by the right enzyme and put to use.
The researchers found at months three and six that those receiving the high-quality triglyceride fish oil supplement had a much higher omega-3 index at both time points. Sorry, ethyl esters.”

Read The Truth About Prescription Fish Oil.

This post up to this point has been too serious – So to keep with the “Fun Day” Friday, here’s a video that I hope you’re all singing by the end of the weekend (may not be appropriate for work environments – but so hilarious).


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