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Weekend Round-up – Favorite Recent Stuff

Here’s two quick “serious” links, 2 “hilarious” links along with one rant.  Enjoy!

Serious #1 ~ Vitamin D Conspiracy – This article reads like a slimy book.  Interesting read though (and the one supplement that I forgot in my supplements post).

Hilarious #1 ~ Must Watch TV – This post has the best two fake workout and “diet” skits I’ve ever seen.  Oh, and the women in the videos are amazing.  He ends the post with a small incentive for a good cause.

Serious #2 ~ What Women Should Never do (but often do) While Trying to Get in Shape (1 of 6) – If this whole series is as good as this article, I will start handing this out with every single orientation.  I think a lot of women don’t listen to my advice as strongly because they say, “You’re a guy.  Women are different.”  That’s usually when my tell-tale anger comes out of my normally smiling face (evidently, I blink a lot when I’m mad).  With that said, I feel this is an article every woman needs to read.

Hilarious #2 ~ Antonio Cromartie – Or sad…?  But seriously, a bit of both.

Rant ~ Those Who Want Results vs. Those That Get Results

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