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Quick Tip #3 ~ Workout Everyday?

Quick Tip # 3 ~ Workout Everyday

One of the biggest problems for many people starting a workout routine is the act of actually getting to the gym. 
My recommendation:  Workout Everyday. 

There’s a lot of people out there that say that you shouldn’t workout every day.  I don’t agree with that ascertation for a number of reasons – but that’s another post.

The bottom line is that for better than average results, you have to have above average standards for yourself.  What’s the easiest way to bring up your standards when it comes to working out?

Try to get to the gym every day.  This doesn’t mean kick your ass in the gym 7 days a week, but actually get there every day.  Just by getting into the habit of getting to the gym every day, even if one of those days is for some easy stretching and foam-rolling, you will find that the “I don’t have time” excuse is just that, an excuse.

When you tell yourself, that you’re going to get to the gym, no matter what, you start to build a habit of just going. 

You stop worrying about the entire workout process.  You stop worrying about “trying to lose weight” or “trying to put on muscle” and instead put your focus where it should be – on what you can control.  And the thing that’s in your control more than any other aspect, is your ability to actually get to the gym.

Also, since “life happens” you will realize there are few days where you can’t actually get to the gym if you put your mind to it.  But for those days that you miss, you know that you’re not going to wait til next week, no matter if you miss a Monday, but instead, you’ll be back there the next day.  When your goal is to get to the gym every day, you raise your standards to a much higher point than “trying to get to the gym 3 days per week.”  By doing so, you allow yourself to see much better results than those that aim for 3 days and get 2.  By aiming for 7 days a week, you will almost instantly learn to get to the gym 5 days a week and that’s a huge difference over the long-term.

So the only question is, are you ready to raise your standards and make it your aim to get to the gym every day? 

Get started today.

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