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Quick Tip #2 – Listen to Your Body

I’m just finishing up Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth and in it she describes the difference between listening to what your body is saying and what your mind is telling you that you want.

I believe too often, with people sitting behind desks most of the time in their waking hours, we’ve lost the bodily knowledge that was all too prevalent in earlier generations.  It’s this loss of bodily knowledge that we need to regain through awareness of our body.  Of how food makes us feel, of how walking makes us feel better, of how our muscles can and do respond in a positive way to using them.

Once you start to become aware of that bodily knowledge – of a knowledge that transcends what your mind says you need – you start listening to the cues present when you eat, when you’re hungry, when you’re sluggish and moving/working out will make you feel better than sitting in front of the TV.  You’ll stop using the excuse that you don’t have enough time to workout and start “justifying” working out so that you can feel better.  I’ll leave you with a quote by Geneen Roth that sums up this post:

If you actually listen to what your body (not your mind) wants, you’ll discover that it doesn’t want three weeks of hot fudge sundaes despite the panting and salivating that is evoked at their very mention.  In addition to your body’s need for foods other than cream and fudge, there is also the fact that the moment you tell yourself you can have it, the moment the taboo is removed, hot fudge sundaes become as ordinary as sardines….It’s an axiom in both love and food that getting what you want is worlds apart from wanting what you can’t get.


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