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Quick Tip #1 – What’s Your Point?

Starting this month, I’m going to be putting up a post Monday thru Friday, with one main post and 4 Quick Tips.  This is the first in that series. 

What’s Your Point? 

Being in the fitness industry, I see countless workout methods, endless diet tips, exercise recommendations and supplement advice.  I’ve even given some myself. 

With that said, every time I read something, I always ask, what’s your point?  This is my way of asking, how does this information impact MY GOALS? 

Really, this quick tip breaks down into two parts:

1 – What are your goals?  Many people wouldn’t know their goals when it comes to working out if you paid them.  And even if they did name “their” goals, most of the time, it’s not actually their goals. 

Most people feel like they “should” be doing things and therefore have certain goals in mind.  Most of the time though their goals are incomplete. 

For example, if you ask someone that’s overweight what their goals are, they will typically tell you, “To lose weight.”  This is a “should” goal for them.  This is something that they should do and it would be nice. 

Their real goal though is more often something more akin to being happy with who they are, losing weight and feeling amazing at the end of their journey.  The problem is their “should” goal stands in their way, and they never uncover the full reality of their real goals.  Therefore they’re bound by “shoulds” and “have to’s” making their whole weight loss experience a miserable time. 

In my first post ever, I said stop being politically correct when talking to yourself and finding your why.  I stated this because, my goals are not very PC.  Here are the real reasons why I work out:
1 – To be better in bed. 
2 – To look good naked, as defined by me.
3 – To be healthy in both the short and long-term.
4 – To reach my physical potential with strength and size while still being able to play a pick-up game of basketball and not suck ass while playing. 

That’s it…and in that order.  Everything else is complete bullshit for me. 

When I watch a YouTube video of people doing a cross-fit workout, I’m like good for you guys.  

Then I read the comments. 

I don’t know why I ever read the comments.  Typically you have two sides in regards to the comments.  One are the crossfit zealots stating non-sense like, “This is the best workout ever.” 

No, no it’s not.  Is it a good workout if you have to be versatile enough to handle physical stress and endurance, then yes.  Best workout ever?  No. 

Then you have the cross-fit haters spewing non-sense like, “These workouts are stupid.  I lift heavy weights and it’s so much harder.” 

No, no it’s not. 

Lifting heavy weights is good for strength and size and in no way are they “easy,” but again, those workouts are not “stupid.”  They just don’t match your goals. 

This brings me to the second part of this Quick Tip:
“What’s the point of this workout?”  
In this case, specifically, Crossfit workouts. 

For me, I ask, “Will it help me be better in bed?”  No.  I’ve tried the workouts and they ran my ass into the ground.  Not wanting to have sex is a pretty good recipe for being worst in bed. 

I should stop my questioning there, but I don’t.  So I ask, will it help me look better naked?  Yes.  Which then goes to, is this the best method?  No, not for me.  I want to be bigger and although with crossfit, you can be lean and “cut” I’m not going to get bigger and I could care less what those crossfit zealots say.  About the only value of a cross-fit workout (to me) is the challenge of completing it – but last I checked, completing a challenging workout for the sake of completing a challenging workout was not part of my goals. 

The point is, stop feeding into the latest fitness crazes.  Stop trying to do every single workout along with achieving every goal out there.  Figure out what you want, for yourself, from your life and your body.  Then follow the workouts best suited for you to achieve those ends and forget about the rest. 

This doesn’t mean that you should remain ignorant of what’s out there, but instead, it will mean everytime you’re presented with new information you can ask, “What’s Your Point?” and filter through all the bullshit (shake-weight anyone???).   

Remember, it starts with knowing your goals.  Your true and non-PC goals.  So the question is, what are your goals? 

*This isn’t exactly a “Quick Tip” anymore, but hopefully you didn’t miss the point.

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