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Best Methods for Fat Loss & Health ~ Diet

On Tuesday, I listed what I thought were the best 4 methods to lose fat via your diet.  This post will list the final 6.

# 5 – Counting Calories – If you have the patience for this or can map out a diet and stick to that diet based on Calories, then you are both very smart and very disciplined.  I think everyone should calculate their calories and then see their progress from there, AFTER trying the first 4 methods.  In other words, I think “autoregulating” your eating is a much more effective method for sticking to any dietary changes long-term, but if you need a place to start or a guideline, I think counting calories is a great place to start.  This method is hard to do and stick to and most people would see better results with the first 4 methods.

The way you would implement this for weight loss, would be to calculate your total calories at 12 calories per pound for men, and 11 for women.  This is your starting point.  After two weeks, you would see your results.  If you’re seeing results and it’s not too fast (4-5 pounds per week), then I would keep it there.  If you’re not seeing results, check your exercise adherence and selection.  In other words, jack up your workouts…and maybe cut down one more calorie per pound.

# 6 – Portion control – Eat the same foods, only less.  This works because of it’s simplicity.  If you do this, make sure you are lifting weights and doing cardio.

# 7 – Weight Watcher’s (or any other commercial weight loss program) – I’m truly not a big fan of Weight Watcher’s, but the audience it serves (middle-aged women) do see some results.  The biggest problem I have is that they don’t encourage exercise more.  Diet alone almost NEVER works.  I think this diet for it’s target audience with smarter workout choices can work wonders for general health and weight loss.

# 8 – Cutting out a certain food type (not group) – For example, you would cut out all sugars from juices, sodas, teas, etc.  By doing this, some people who drink entirely way too much useless calories can see some results.  I don’t think this is very effective long-term, but anything that gets people moving in the right direction is a positive step.

# 9 – Consuming high fiber or water content before the main meal – Some people overeat and want to watch their portions, but have very little self-control.  Studies have shown greater weight loss by consuming either a salad (without fatty/sugary dressing) or a low-calorie soup 10-20 minutes before their main meal.  By doing so, the satiety receptors in the stomach had time to stretch and send signals to the brain that helped the individual recognize they were full earlier and therefore, they ate less.

#10 – 100 Gram Carb Diet – This diet sort of falls in between many of these other diets and limits carbs to 100 grams per day.  It’s pretty easy to maintain a 100 grams per day and still see physical changes for muscle gain or fat loss.

That’s it.  There are other programs and other types of diets, but I think in terms of long-term adherence and lifestyle modification, along with each diet’s effectiveness, this list comprises the best 10 methods out there to lose weight.  You can also combine diets, such as intermittent fasting with some sort of elimination diet and so on.

The bottom line is that if you are going to lose fat and keep your health, these methods are where you should start.  These diets combined with smart exercise choices and smart supplements can help anyone see the fat loss they desire, while maintaining (or achieving) the health they deserve.

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