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My 2011 New Year’s “Resolutions”

Every year, I write about the things that I want to accomplish or be on my way to accomplishing by year’s end.  I typically do this around Thanksgiving (and not the end of the year), but I don’t really look them over again until the New Year.  Most people make resolutions as things that they will start January 1st.  For me, I want to be well on my way of accomplishing all of these goals by the end of 2011.

With that said, here’s the things that I want to accomplish by the end of 2011.

1 – Write and complete The Psychology of Fitness book.

2 – Actually finish making and promote

3 – Get 6 Certifications:  CrossFit (level 1), PICP 1, Precision Nutrition Certification, Functional Movement Screening, update my BioSignature certification and either renew my NASM or finally get my CSCS.

4 – Actually pay off all my outstanding debt, including student loans.

5 – Purchase the other $9,000 in books/programs that I want to purchase but am holding off on purchasing until I pay off all my outstanding debt.

6 – Come to a final decision on where I want to live – NYC, Hoboken or San Diego.

7 – Get to 195 pounds with 8% body fat and stay there.

8 – Actually incorporate all that I learn into things that I can actually use to help people achieve their fitness goals better.

9 – Watch all the documentaries that I’ve been putting off on watching (This weekend alone, I watched The Future of Food, The Corporation and Bigger, Faster, Stronger – All very good and thought-provoking/slightly f’n infuriating).

10 – Finish changing all my other limiting beliefs/conditionings that I have been putting off on doing – and then write the book on how to best change them.

11 – Try to partner with people that can help me with my weak spots on all that I typically refuse to do.

12 – To actually put up at least 1 post per week on either Tuesday and Friday.

As I said on top, unlike most people that say that they will start all of this on January 1st, I work my way into these goals.  All of these goals/resolutions, I know my plan to achieve them (except the figuring out where to live).  I also am already working on most of these things.  It’s simply putting everything into action.  2010 was primarily about the figuring out of what I want to do, and the best ways to achieve those things.  2011 is the year of action.

Here’s two articles to help you get started and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions:

Set Smaller Goals, Get Bigger Results

Don’t Solve Problems, Copy Success

Those are my goals/”resolutions” for 2011, what are your main ones?

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