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Get the Body You Want in 9 Steps

Often times, people that barely know me, but know what I do, will come up to me and say something to the effect of, “Tell me what to do.”  This typically means, “Tell me” how to lose weight, gain muscle, get “ripped,” feel better, become healthier, all the while not telling me something I already know.  They somehow believe that after I “Tell them the secrets” of what they are trying to achieve, the results they are looking for will magically appear.

Now, I’m all for gaining information on what works, but this is because I do work out.  I do eat “right” most of the time and I’ve done the research on why I do/believe everything that I do and not because some random person told me.

With that said, in this post I’m going to tell you the 9 Step process to what I think is the best way to make Fitness a part of your life and therefore help you “Get the Body You Want.”

Each step is like a rung on a ladder – each step will take you to higher heights.  This process works whether or not your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or simply become healthier.

#1 – Do the work, consistently. Get used to going to the gym, moving your body and exerting yourself in the gym.  Most people in America start and finish at this step.  They get to the gym consistently and move their bodies.  Most of that movement isn’t what I would personally call “working out” but they are at least moving.  Moving is very good for health.  For bodily transformations and changes, unless they’re doing a ridiculous amount, it’s not so good.  The obvious exception is if you are a complete beginner or highly obese to begin with.

For the people in this first category, the most important step is to do something that you feel comfortable doing.  You can go to the gym with someone or simply go for walks every day.  The bottom line is try to find something that you either enjoy, or that isn’t so challenging that you are going to hate going to the gym by your third workout.

Once you have this aspect down, of having the “time” to get to the gym and if you want to see better physical changes, you’re going to need to continue climbing the “ladder of bodily success.”

#2 – Better Nutrition. There’s a spectrum of Nutrition ranging from the “typical American diet” to super-clean bodybuilder mode.  This should be your second step and you should work on raising your standards with fitness.  In the New Year, I will be posting the 10 best “diets” or really methods of eating that you can use to sustain a modified eating regimen without going crazy.

The key with going up this ladder is to not “jump rungs.”  You can pick to either change your diet first and do some simple workouts a couple of days per week or you can choose to get to the gym 5+ hours a week and make a slight modification to your diet.  Don’t try to do both at the same time.

For those of you that haven’t read it, I talk about what I think is the best way to change in this post.  It talks about increasing your standards with one major thing and doing smaller, related changes until you’ve mastered it and are ready to make another jump in standards.

# 3 – Work Hard – The first step is consistency, the second step is better nutrition and this step is simply hard work.  Hard work should be done in spurts of 4- 8 weeks followed by 4-8 weeks of maintaining or interspersed within a weekly schedule.   With these three steps alone, most people would achieve about 75-80% of the results, health and enjoyment they would ever get from fitness.

The problem is we’ve all been inundated with so much contradicting information, we think that if we do something we enjoy, someone might say we’re “wrong or stupid” for doing what should be obvious.  Working out consistently, eating what you think is “healthier” and working out hard in spurts for the goals you want.

There are six more steps to this whole process, but let me explain the first three steps again, for those of you that might not have picked up on it.

Step 1 – Workout Consistently. I really don’t want to talk to anyone about what they should be doing to improve their health until they can tell me that they get to the gym (or any other physical activity) for a minimum of 3-4 days per week for at least 30-45 minutes per session.

If people haven’t done this and are overweight/obese and eat like crap, my ONLY advice is get to the gym and walk or do the ellipitical.  Yes, I had a post about how I hate jogging and the ellipitical, but that’s because I’m primarily talking about competence when it comes with exercise and not results.  Therefore, people that currently aren’t doing ANYTHING, the easiest and therefore best place for a novice to start is with walking (in or out of the gym ) or the ellipitical.

Step 2 – Make your diet better. Like I said I’m going to put up a future post about the 10 best “eating methods” for you to pick from.  The bottom line is that most people don’t have to avoid any food, but it sure as hell makes it a lot easier to not overeat when you do.  For example, you can eat less of any foods (which is one of the hardest things to do) or you can get rid of a lot of sugary/fatty foods and have them be, “out of sight, out of mind” and cut calories.  Both cut calories in the short-term and therefore “work.”  In the end though, the only one in which the results last and the ONLY “eating method” (aka,  diet) that works, is the one you can live with LONG-TERM.

Note:  Remember, you can start with either diet OR exercise – Your focus should be on ONE though, and whatever the other one is, simply make small, manageable changes, every week.

Step 3 – Workout hard. I don’t care where you get the information to workout “harder” from – either a program on the internet, from one of your friends, from a bootcamp class or from a personal trainer (although I must say, I’m biased towards the personal trainer option) – the bottom line is to go hard.  You can “go hard” in spurts of weeks at a time for a specific goal you might have such as a wedding, birthday or competition.

You may also “go hard” interspersed throughout your workouts if you aren’t training for any particular end.  What this means is, say you workout 5 days per week.  You can, for example, choose to “go hard” on Monday and Thursday or any other 2 day combination, and the other days maintain.  This change in pace will yield significantly better results than simply doing the same thing day in and day out.

I could probably talk about these three steps for days on end, but the bottom line is that most people don’t even do the first or second step and yet are looking for some “miracle” that will help them put everything into place.

Don’t be that person.  Stop looking for the “miracle” and Do the Work.

On Friday, I will be posting, the other 6 steps to Get the Body You Want.

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