The Psychology Of Fitness

Mindsets, Body Types and Everything In Between

Why I’m in the Fitness Field

In my personal training business, I say that “Results are Guaranteed.”  When I say that though, what “Results” am I talking about? 

You see, the bottom line for me is that I don’t care about losing weight or anything else concerned with outside appearances.  I never have and I never will.   

This typically puts me in a unique position as a personal trainer, whose job primarily consists of achieving those outcomes. 

I also don’t give a shit about improving athletic performance or who can lift more in order to compare d*^k-size as to prove how “manly” you are.   

The ONLY thing that I’ve ever been concerned about and the only thing that has kept me in this field for so long is how do you make and keep your body, your own.  It’s the ONLY thing I’ve ever been concerned about. 

All of the other consequences of losing weight, feeling healthier, being “more toned,” lifting heavier weights or achieving certain athletic performances, are the secondary characteristics of achieving the primary goal of making your body your own.   

It’s the reason I don’t believe in shortcuts and the reason why I believe in quality supplements over drugs any day of the week. 

It’s the reason why I try to blend psychology and fitness into one.  Not because they are inextricably linked (which they are), but because the bottom line with both, is that they are truly and utterly of the same mold.  How do you take control over your mind?  How do you take control over your body?   

These are, the two things, we have the most influence to control.  These should be our primary concerns.  Anything beyond those concerns is secondary.   I don’t care what changes you brought about through your determination and steadfastness to a goal, if it wasn’t YOUR goal.  Make your body and your mind your own and all you will have to do, is “do the work” to achieve anything else you may want.

With the constant onslaught of advertisements for nonsense Franken-foods that make your body feel like shit, with foods being over-consumed that cause disease, combined with hormone-mimickers, pesticides, environmental toxins, and a disease-based healthcare, my only concern is with taking back what is rightfully yours – The Health of Your body.   

And, in a similar vein, with the constant advertisements of the “fun-lifestyle,” the mindset that thinking and working hard is bad, that not being politically correct is disastrous, that you must go along, to get along, with politics that produce as much offspring as two castrated dogs, and with life choices that seem curtsy at best and plain fucking asinine at worst, how do you make your mind your own. 

The first has been my professional/career goal up and the other has been my personal goal. 

In the fitness field, there are 4 different types of individuals. 

First you have the people that look at you like you have three heads, if you ask them if they would like more information about the fitness center.  I think they believe the devil, Freddy Kreuger and the little doll Chucky are all secretly inside the gym and are scared to go.  Otherwise, they give me a look of disdain so strong, I have to double check to make sure that I didn’t steal all of their cookies and/or kidnap their children.  In other words, the first group wants NOTHING to do with fitness. 

The mere suggestion of fitness or “eating healthier” is met with fear, disdain and a look of disgust.  These people, in my mind, are hopeless.  I have tried to figure out ways to help them and the bottom line is I haven’t found a god-damn thing that works.  These are the people that will clog up the healthcare system and keep hospitals in business for years to come.  Sometimes, these people move to the second stage though.

The second group of people mean well.  They join the gym and have hopes of getting to the gym.  The only problem is that “fitness” or health is such a low priority for them, that EVERYTHING would need to be perfect in order for them to actually get to the gym.  They would need to win the lottery, go on vacation, get married, have their children grow up, move out and get married, DVR and watch all their favorite TV shows, have dinner made for the next 3 months, finish all their Christmas shopping before Oct. 1st, talk to EVERY single one of thier friends and not have 1 piece of laundry, before they think that it would be a good time to actually go to the gym. 

Like I said, these people have the right intentions and although they rarely do make a deeper commitment to their health and fitness goals, I try to help these people with every tool I have in my disposal.  These are the people that need some external source of motivation the most and talking about intrinsic reasons for working out goes right over their head.  This is also the group of people who donate the most money to their local gyms. 

The third group of people, see the value in fitness and try to make fitness a priority in their life.  They may make this a priority for health reasons, vanity reasons or because there’s “eye candy” at the gym.  They see the value of “working out” and enjoy learning about fitness.  This is the group the most personal trainers work with on a daily basis.  Most of the people in this group are genuinely agreeable people and want to see positive changes from their work out habits.  The problem is that they are either inconsistent, don’t put enough intensity into their workouts or are unwilling to do what it takes to bring their body to the next level. 

This is the group of people that look the same, year after year, despite going to the gym, year after year.  For the most part, this is not a bad thing.  Most people that work out fall into this category.   Most of the people in this group are in the “maintenance” mode of working out, despite still wanting to see changes to their body. 

The fourth group makes their training mean something.  They train with purpose.  As an athlete trains for a purpose, so does someone in this fourth category.  They are either willingly trying to lose weight with all they have or are trying to get “big” with all they have.  Their health and fitness goals are a high priority in their lives and effect more of their lives than the time spent in the gym.  They will watch what they eat more meticulously, train harder and learn ways to train smarter.  They will experiment for techniques that work for them.  This is the group that takes supplements and are willing to spend more money on those supplements than the cheapest multi-vitamin at the local grocery store. 

The third group is who I work with on a daily basis.  The problem with this group, is that the results are slow at best and frustrating at worst. 

The reason why I’m still in the field, is that I hold out the hope that there are some people that want to make their body, their own.  They are willing to do what it takes to get the health they want, the body they want and are willing to do it in the quickest amount of time possible. 

They are willing to do the work and beyond the work are willing to take the personal responsibility over their health.  On rare occasions, I’ve seen someone jolted from the first group to the third, who then takes their health in their own hands.  It’s a truly glorious occasion.  For these two reasons, to see that transformation and to help people who are ready to make their body’s their own, are the ONLY two reasons why I’m in the fitness field.

The only question left for you is, what group are you in?

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