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Things I’ve Learned this week ~ 10/29

Going forward, every Friday I’m going to put up a quick post that recaps a bunch of things that I’ve read/found interesting. This is the first in that installment:

1 – Sexy Item of the Week:  This is a Sexy Article ~ I love when two people come together that genuinely know their shit.  The person interviewed, Brad Schoenfeld gives an amazing synopsis of the scientific literature on muscular hypertrophy.  If you want to gain muscle and sound smart, this is the article you should start with.

2 – I just finished reading The Compassionate Samurai, and although he didn’t say anything ground-breaking, the author, Brian Klemmer, did reinforce the point that I truly need help with some of the endeavors that I will take on in the future.  The quote he used to back up this claim was:

“Don’t go it alone.  In a fight between a lion and a tiger, the tiger usually wins because they are fiercer and more courageous.  They will do anything to win.  However, if there are five tigers versus five lions, the lions will always win because they work as a pack and tigers work as individuals.”

3 – If I can’t physically train a woman and want them to follow sound advice, The Ultimate You by Joe Dowdell and Brooke Kalanick is the best book/advice, dollar-for-dollar, that money can buy.  If there was a book that I would write, this would be it.

4 – Purchasing Fat is Not Your Fault by Dr. Bryan Walsh has been one of my best purchases of the year and I’ve spent over $8,000 on books/programs this year alone.  What I’m saying is Purchase it, especially if you want a good synopsis of how your endocrine system works. If you don’t have the money to purchase it, at least download the free book he gives away…and read it.

He also gave away his new program, Guide to Thyroid Health to people that ordered the Fat is Not Your Fault program and although I’m still working through it, it is a Sexy Program…it might even be the Sexy Item of the Week next week.

5 – Serotonin and Dopamine stimulate the hypothalamus to release TRH which stimulates the pituitary gland to release TSH which stimulates the thyroid (aka, if the intermediate steps are working correctly, then enough serotonin and Dopamine will help your metabolism run efficiently).

I know from the research that some people have an overstimulated dopamine response to the sight/smell of “unhealthy” foods.  When those individuals become obese, dopamine then becomes downregulated.  Meaning that they release less dopamine to the food itself.  Therefore, over time, in order to get the same “high” from fatty/sweet foods, they need to consume more.  Sort of like any drug addict.

If you’re obese, you typically will not be able to make serotonin as well as you should.  Both of these things lead to less motivation.  Less motivation, leads to less ability to make the changes you seek.

With a lessened ability to stick to the changes you seek, the more you reach out for things that make you happy, which in this case is food.  The problem is obviously that you would need more and more food to feel that “happiness” which leads to a bad cycle of weight gain and depressive symptoms.

How would you go about changing this?  I think that’s a post for next week.

6 – One of my friends asked me why Fish Oil is so good – I gave him an answer.  Charles Poliquin just put up a much better answer as to why:  Read it.

7 – My next book purchase is going to be Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers.  It seems highly interesting.  Is the fascial system the “undiscovered” realm of rehab?

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