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For those of you that know me personally, you know that I’ve been talking about starting a Personal Training business for a while (that and write a book).  So what has been the limiting factor?

I didn’t have the gall to guarantee results.

In other words, I was still experimenting with what works.  I was experimenting with what works not only with training, but motivational strategies, nutrition, nutritional strategies, supplements along with being able to individualize those aspects to the person that’s in front of me.

I started this journey when I was still in college, over 8 years ago, when I worked as a floor trainer who was taking exercise physiology and anatomy classes.  Being a trainer while still in college was great, because I could actually see what I was learning in the classroom and get paid for the hands-on learning.  I was also finishing up my fieldwork in psychology and quickly realizing that I definitely didn’t have the patience to sit there week after week to see progress that was minimal at best.

Every client I’ve trained since has been a mini-experiment.  Not only did I want to see results for that individual, but I also wanted to figure out why we either saw the results or didn’t.

I also experimented in how I went about motivating the individual.  Some of those experiments were stupid, some were fun, others worked.

My original idea with starting a personal training business, was to figure out ways, psychologically, that build up internal motivation and have them become self-sustaining habits, in which the person keeps working out for life.

After reading through a ton on exercise adherence and putting into play those concepts with actual real-world experience, the results were mediocre at best and plain dismal most of the time.   In my attempt to recreate the wheel, I failed miserably.  At least it was an interesting experiment.

All I was left with was this quote: “After all of our exploring is to arrive where we started and see the place for the first time.”  ~ T.S. Eliot

I’ve learned, as I knew in the beginning, that the best way to increase exercise adherence is to have the person do/see three things:
1 – Get them to see results fast and often.
2 – Let them identify with exercise in a new way.  This simply means raise their standards to a place they previously thought was impossible for them and hold them to those standards.  By doing so, they have to shift their perception of themselves and what is possible.
3 – Be honest with the expectations of the changes that need to be made, hopeful of what is possible with those changes and explain in as much details as possible the changes he or she will be making and why.

With that said, the whole experiment wasn’t in vain.  It’s just too encompassing.  There’s at least 21 distinct areas that one would need to be able to change, with the willingness of the person, to guarantee that the person will stick to fitness for life.  Needless to say, I’m not guaranteeing that.

What I will start guaranteeing from here on out is that the person will see the results he or she wants in as little time as possible (3 months or less) or I will give the person their money back.

The website I set up to explain this is Personal Results

Guaranteed Results with Personal Training

If you sign up to receive The 5 Factors of Body Transformation, you will also be added to the Personal Results Training Newsletter.  Whereas this blog has been mostly about fitness psychology, the PRT Newsletter will give you advice on the other 4 aspects that pertain to body transformation.

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