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Things I Once Believed, But Found To Be False

Today’s post is just a quick recap of some of the things I once believed, that over time, has been shown to complete and utter non-sense.

1 – People will follow meal plans.  No one, I know has ever followed a meal plan – but people will adhere to food choices.  Atkins and the Paleo diets are examples of this.  Although I don’t completely agree with either of them, I think it’s largest appeal is the fact that it was simple to follow.  Both diets have 3 – 8 food categories and that’s it.  People feel comfortable with that “game plan” and therefore, see improvements.

Meal Plans - Recipe for Non-Compliance

2 – Supplements are not necessary if you want to achieve your personal best.  I’ve done a full 180 with this line of thinking.  If we had healthy soils, lived near the equator, didn’t have lots of stress and sit all day, then we might not need supplements.  Since those things are the reality of life, for us to reach our personal best, supplements are necessary.  *Please do not get this confused with me saying that supplements are necessary for generally healthy individuals looking to remain generally healthy.  Generally healthy is not the same as achieving one’s personal best. 

3 – Cardio is a good fat loss tool.  If you haven’t read my previous post, Fat Loss and Cardio – I Call BullSh*t!, then know that I definitely don’t agree with that tenet at all.  Are there other benefits of cardio?  Sure.  It can be good for stress relief, health reasons, competitive aspirations amongst other reasons, but fat loss is not one of them.  

With that said, I do think that cardio is good for those people first starting out, who are obese and haven’t exercised in a long time, with fat loss (and I consider their cardio, walking, which I think is better than jogging).  It’s also good for the ease at which people have access to cardio and therefore, can adhere to it.   

The biggest argument against cardio for fat loss is “bodybuilders who have been doing it forever to lose fat.”  That’s like saying a race car goes fast because it has regular fuel in it.  Bodybuilders will typically kick their ass with strength training, watch what they eat a little too meticulously, take supplements and during “cutting” they also do “cardio.”  Someone pointing that they do cardio is neglecting that they are doing all of that other work in and outside of the gym.  

4 – Nutrition is simply Calories in vs. Calories out.  Although I will contend that calories do matter, they are not omnipotent beings that control how much weight we will put on or not.  Instead, it’s the foods that control the amount of calories we consume. 

Therefore, we can have “will power” with eating less of certain junk foods that don’t provide nutrients to the body or we can just consume foods that do. 

Overall, it’s the foods/amount of foods themselves and how our bodies react to them that determine the overall amount of calories consumed. 

For example, I typically eat a pretty healthy diet of enough protein, healthy carbs along with certain supplements that I’m deficient in.  Even if I like the foods I eat, when I am full, I feel satieted and can go a long time without the “craving desire” I get when I eat “bad foods.” 

This past weekend, my mom made me a large tray of gluten-free lasagna.  Within four hours, I ate the whole tray by myself.  Despite the huge influx of calories and my stomach feeling, quite literally that it might explode, I still wanted more food.  Despite being full to the point of bursting, I still wanted more. 

This is the problem with calories.  The total amount of calories I consumed was due, not to a prescribed regimen or what my body needed in terms of calories, but what it needed in terms of calories AND nutrients.  This led to a lack of “feeling satieted” despite being “full.” 

Now are there some people and certain instances where the foods, don’t matter?  Sure.  If you’re trying to lose fat, be healthy and don’t have the best genetics though, control the actual foods you eat and stop watching only the calories you consume.  Which takes me back to my first point.  Give people food choices and not meal plans. 

There are plenty more of these beliefs I once held and will be writing about them more in the future.  

What are some things you once believed, but over time have found to be false?  Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. i believed santa existed.

    i also once believed that tiny little gradual changes to your daily routine like walking stairs, parking farther away, and cute little things like that can make a difference. it’s JUST A PLOY to get you to change your behavior… and fluff your health ego while you’re at it.

    sneaky health professionals and their mind control.

    i also once believed you were cool, John. you’re actually just a bimbo.

    1. First off, believing I was cool is definitely a mistake. Believing that I am an awesome dork. That might be closer to the mark. I don’t have time to be “cool”…it takes too much work. DUH! (Was that a bimbo, “DUH”?)

      Second of all. Santa exists. Just check out my latest blog post. There’s a picture and everything!

      Third – I’m not sure how to respond to the tiny little gradual changes comment. So I’m not going to.

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