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Fat Loss and Cardio – I Call Bullsh*t!

Fat Loss and Cardio – I Call Bullsh*t!

There’s a common mis-conception that says, “In order to lose weight, I HAVE TO do Cardio.”  In fact, someone just told me, who just happens to be considered “obese” by BMI standards (with a correlating high body fat), that Cardio accounts for 65% of weight loss.

That sort of pissed me off.  It’s sort of like someone who is chronically sick, telling me, that the best way to stay healthy is by taking a lot of medicine.  Mind you, I’ve gotten sick once in the past 6 years by taking almost NO medicine.   I would laugh in their face with that recommendation.

Cardio and Fat Loss - What a Joke!

With that said, let’s explore Fat Loss*.

In losing Fat, you really have to consider 5 different areas:
1 – Genetics (can you have lots of carbs or gluten without any problems?)
2 – Nutrition (should you eat fruit or meat for breakfast?)
3 – Moving or Exercise (Strength, Cardio, Flexibility and NEAT)
4 – Supplements and Medicine (Are you on a medicine that is slowing down your thyroid?)
5 – The Psychological Aspects (Your habitual thoughts, etc)

Without getting off topic, CARDIO (which makes me want to puke) is ONLY “good” for people that don’t know what they hell they’re doing in the gym and are too scared to learn.  This is why, I think when starting on their own, “cardio” can be beneficial.  Not because it’s uber-effective, but because people feel competent with using the cardio machines.  You press “Quick Start” and move.  And as an added bonus, you get to watch a TV that’s 2 inches from your face.  Plus, since other people are doing it, it must be effective (the whole relatedness issue comes into play).

With all sarcasm aside, let’s look at the 5 most effective methods for Fat Loss, in no particular order.

1 – Know what foods cause inflammation in your body.  Are you sensitive (not allergic) to dairy, gluten, soy, eggs or any other foods.  If you are, eliminate those foods and you will lose water weight and cortisol levels will go down.  With a decrease in prolonged cortisol levels, the rest of your fat loss hormones will be able to function better.

2 – Strength Training – Muscle Mass is the BEST predictor of longevity there is.  In other words, if you want to live longer (and most likely be able to enjoy those years), gain muscle.  Muscle, is also highly metabolically active.  What a concept!  If you’re smart, you would learn exercises to gain muscle (whether you’re male or female) and increase your metabolism overall.

3 – Nutrition – By FAR, what and the amount that you eat, will almost ALWAYS predict, the FAT you will lose.  This is especially true, if you are doing relatively heavy strength training.  Period.

4 – Supplements – Too many people are deficient in too many areas, such as Omega 3’s, Zinc, Magnesium, etc.  Replace these basic deficiencies and you will almost always see improvements in body composition.

5 – Sleep – Without high quality sleep, your performance both in and outside of the gym suffers.  You also, once again, raise cortisol levels.  You also decrease growth hormone levels and lack of sleep has been shown to decrease insulin sensitivity.  In other words, you typically will gain weight (fat) from poor sleeping habits.

Get these 5 things right and I will guarantee you that you will lose a lot of fat if you are obese, and will lose the last remaining fat if you are lean.

As a closing though, I will say, that in all fairness, cardio is better than doing nothing.

Here’s the best analogy I could think of – If you want to travel from NY to LA, can you get there on a Bike?  And will that bike get you there, faster than walking?  Sure.

Is that you’re most effective form of transportation to get you there?  Hell NO!

Now get off the damn treadmill and do some damn weights!

*Two Quick Notes:
A – Fat Loss is not “weight loss.”  Fat is what people want to lose.  They want to “tone up” which means they want to lose fat and keep or gain the muscle they do have.  They want to be smaller, from Fat Loss, and not simply look gaunt from “weight loss.”
B – Cardio in this post is considered Steady State, boring as hell, highly ineffective “cardio.”  The End…

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