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25 Things I Learned at BioSig ~ Day 5

By the end of the 5th and final day, I had close to 60 pages of notes.  I must say, that this course put together about 75-80% of everything that I’ve been working on, by myself, for the past 2 years…all within 5 days.  This list brings the total things listed to 107, but that number could easily be 577.  Most of the other information though would probably cause more harm then good, whereas the saying goes, “A little information is worse than none.”

With that said, here’s the last 25 things I thought were interesting to post from the BioSignature Workshop in NY:

1 – There are three ways you can waste testosterone:
A – You aromatize it into estrogen.
B – You produce excessive cortisol.
C – Through high DHT levels.

2 – I have a lot of xeno-estrogens.

3 – My Growth Hormone levels are low…probably from my shitty sleep patterns.

4 – All forms of cancer are accelerated by estrogen and insulin.

5 – Food Sensitivity tests can save a lot of time.

6 – If you’re working out, taking supplements and “eating right,” but not seeing any results, the problem can be the actual foods you are eating.

7 – I’m going to start eating more beef and almonds for breakfast, alternated with turkey and cashews.

8 – Most of the fat removed from Liposuction will come back, but when it returns, it will come back between the viscera.

9 – That means, if you get or have had Liposuction, you will now store more fat around your organs.  This is pretty damn dangerous health-wise.

10 – Under stress, people lose Vitamin C.  When Vitamin C levels fall, it increases the risk of diabetes.

11 – IGE tests, test if you are highly allergic to foods.  This is a type one test and is prevelant in peanut allergies.

12 – IGG tests try and test for delayed and “slight” food allergies that cause brain fog and you can’t figure out the food.

13 – LEAP or MRT (Mediated Response Testing) will test your inflammatory reactions to certain foods.  This is the test you should take.

14 – This is the test to have if you suffer from Migraines, Seizures or IBS.

15 – The foods you are ‘sensitive’ to when you first take an MRT will change over time.

16 – Migraines and Seizures are very similar in the brain, but represent themselves differently.

17 – A lot of research papers have recently shown that the leading cause of obesity for children is environmental toxins.

18 – Mark Schauss has a book, Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World.  I haven’t read it yet, but I will.

19 – If you cut back the ability of your cells to make energy by just 7% (from environmental toxins), it is almost guaranteed that you will get obese within 5 years.

20 – If you take an image of the most toxic places in the US, there will be an almost perfect match with obesity levels.

21 – The more you eat a certain food, the more likely you are to become sensitive to it.

22 – Most people only eat 7-12 foods overall.

23 – Secrets of most diet books is that they change your diet, thereby eliminating a lot of the old foods.  This means you are consuming less foods that are causing inflammation.

24 – The only distinguishing feature between the 5% of real estate agents that sell 80% of the houses is that they attend 4 seminars per year.

25 – If you are a male and are physically active, you can almost be sure that you are deficient if both Magnesium and Zinc.

The only question I have left is, “Why didn’t I take this course earlier?”

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