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18 Things I Learned at BioSig ~ Day 4

At the end of the 4th day, I had 45 pages of notes.  Here are some short tips and  succinct tidbits I found interesting from Day 4.

1 – Cortisol and Testosterone levels will mimic each other during a strength training workout.  Meaning both will go up.

2 – If Cortisol stays higher longer, your levels of Testosterone will decrease.

3 – Therefore, Cortisol is your friend before and during your workout, but not afterwards.

4 – Having Caffeine before a workout will increase Cortisol levels.

5 – Therefore, if you’re going to have Coffee, have it in the morning (the other time where Cortisol is your friend) or before a workout.

6 – Negate #5 if you workout after 4 pm.

7 – The only two items that have receptor sites in all human tissues is thyroid hormones and Vitamin D3.

8 – Skipping meals increases your Cortisol levels.

9 – 80% of your recovery from a workout occurs within the first 10 minutes.

10 – Therefore, the faster you can take a sip of your post-workout drink, the better.

11 – If you do strength training followed by interval training you will burn more bodyfat.  The same is not true if done the other way around.

12 – The genes responsible for immune function are dependent on Selenium function.

13 – Sardines are one of the best canned food items you can eat.

14 –  Oatmeal, although technically gluten free, will get mixed up with wheat and therefore gets “contaminated” with gluten.

15 – Males should wake up with an erection, every morning.

16 – Men should never take these 3 supplements, unless advised directly by a competent doctor: Copper, Iron and Calcium.

17 – I have to start taking pictures of all my clients.

18 – You are your schedule.

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