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12 Things I learned at BioSig ~ Day 3

Thus far, I have over 33 pages of notes.  What I am giving each day is equivalent to about 1 and 1/2 pages of notes, with a lot of the details left out.

With that said, here’s 12 things from Day 3.  If you use the information from just 2 things on each list, you will be much better off.

1 – Have a good number of high quality fish oil every day.

2 – Refrigerate your fish oil.

3 – Split the fish oil over the course of your meals throughout the day.

4 – Take your fish oil in the middle of your meal.

5 – You can not have a large muscular system (naturally) if you don’t have a good overall immune system.

6 – Bioelectrical Impedance sucks as a bodyfat tool.

7 – Lifting heavy weights is especially important for females to prevent osteoporosis.

8 – There are different types of estrogens.  Some are good for you, some are bad.  This is similar to cholesterol.

9 – Insulin acts mainly on muscle…unless of course you are overweight, in which case, it acts more on fat cells exacerbating an already prevalent issue.

10 – There are 4 types of PMS.  Each type has it’s own symptoms. Each type can be treated differently.

11 – Xeno-estrogens are highly prevalent and are causing estrogen related issues in both males and females.

12 – Xeno means foreign.  Which means, from the environnment.

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