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22 Things I Learned at BioSig ~ Day 2

Here’s the overly vague, highly unspecific information that I learned in Day 2.  The reason for this, is that I have 15 minutes to write before lunch ends on Day 3. Use the information.  If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll answer you directly.

1 – Don’t give a child under 6 EPA as their liver isn’t mature enough to use it effectively.

2 – I need to get in better shape.

3 – If you’re blond hair, blue eyed, it is highly likely that you are gluten intolerant (that’s what my sister gets for making fun of me so much)

4 – Motivation is based on Neuropeptide Y.  You can increase this peptide with fish oil.

5 – The brain of an animal is 60% fat.  60% of that fat is DHA.

6 – Red bull contains 2 stimulatory compounds and one inhibitory compound.  So expect to crash hard afterwards.

7 –  Most people are deficient in Magnesium.

8 – The best color of fruits and vegetables that are important with helping with brain function is purple.

9 – Anything that helps with brain function, helps the eyes.

10 – High protein breakfasts (with actual food) help much more with fat loss and overall productivity than with any other type of breakfast.

11 – Meat will increase Dopamine levels in the brain and and nuts will help with acetylcholine levels.

12 – Use organic coffee if you’re going to have coffee.  One of the most sprayed crops in the world.

13 – Blueberries don’t have a lot of Vitamin C, but the Vitamin C that is present is highly biologically active, so your body uses it more effectively.

14 – Expand people’s comfort zones little by little, step by step.

15 – Not every genotype will have loose skin if they are obese and lose a lot of weight.

16 – If you are allergic to dairy, you’re not allergic to butter.

17 – Use organic butter.

18 – Fenugreek is the plant that they use to give maple syrup the maple syrup smell.

19 – The more shiny a Lipstick is, the more lead it has.

20 – Do not give Calcium supplements to males as it can induce heart attacks.

21 – If you eat more high quality calories, this will improve your workouts.  By adding muscle mass, you will have a higher metabolism.  Therefore, strength train and eat more higher quality calories for fat loss.

22 – If you’re going to have a cheat meal, have all the food on the table and eat.  Once your ass leaves the chair, the cheat meal is over.

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